3 Panthers Stars Cowboys must put in a trade offer for after Matt Rhule firing

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With Matt Rhule out, and the Carolina Panthers likely to trade players and acquire future assets, the Dallas Cowboys should not sit back and instead try to make a move. 

On Monday, the Carolina Panthers fired head coach Matt Rhule, and the Dallas Cowboys are celebrating their win over the Los Angeles Rams. Two very different scenarios, yet there is the potential that they could do business together sooner than later.

With Rhule out, there is a chance that several players on the Panthers’ roster might be moved to acquire more draft capital to help the next regime attempt to bring stability back to the franchise.

Meanwhile, much to the chagrin of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Dallas is in the business of gunning for the Lombardi trophy and ending two-plus decades of disappointment. They have several young pieces on their team but need more help, and the window of opportunity is closing.

The Dallas Cowboys should think very hard about doing business with the Carolina Panthers but only for select players

There is no way that the Dallas Cowboys will trade for Christian McCaffrey, so don’t start thinking that far ahead. However, other players, including the stars, might be of use to the team at this point.

Dallas needs help at the linebacker, cornerback/safety, defensive end positions, and offensive line and receiver positions. Why the linebacker and defensive end positions? The linebacker core is relatively thin and needs a boost. Moreover, without Randy Gregory, there isn’t much depth behind the stars, allowing more rotations and a fresh pass rush. Dorance Armstrong is good but not a game-changer.

Meanwhile, offensively, a single injury could be the difference in catastrophe. This is why offensive line help and potentially another weapon for the Dallas offense could come into play, but mostly the trenches.

That said, let’s look at four, not three, four players the Cowboys should consider possibly putting in a phone call for, starting with an interesting choice.

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