3 opposing players Denver Broncos fans will always hate

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) during an NFL game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots in Denver., Sunday, Nov 12, 2017. (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

Who are the players that Denver Bronco fans just want no mention of when it comes to speaking about football?

Football is part of tradition in the Mile High City, and no football gets talked about more than Denver Broncos football for obvious reasons.

However, in the Mile High City, there are certain players who, if you even mention their name, you had probably best pack your bags, head to the airport, and take the next flight out of town. It’s not because you are a bad person, but rather because certain players have given Broncos fans so many headaches that it is hard to stomach. They now hope Sean Payton and Russell Wilson, yes Russ, can make them the top squad again

So, how does one make this list? For one, they have to be an excellent player, and two, whenever they face the Broncos, they have to beat them, and they must do it consistently or be a menace in general. So, without further ado, let’s see who these lucky folks are.

Opposing players Denver Broncos fans will always hate: Tom Brady

Before another quarterback that now resides in the Midwest came into his own, it was, let’s face it, the greatest quarterback of all time that made Broncos fans seethe. Brady’s record against Denver throughout his career wasn’t the most glamorous, but it’s not also horrible. It’s right down the middle.

The competition between the two sides had an interesting opening act in 2002 when Denver arrived in New England and took out the defending champions 24-16. Shannon Sharpe boasted on “Undisputed” that he and his teammates “beat the brakes off Brady” that day. However, Clinton Portis and Ed McCaffrey did the damage, but we’ll let Sharpe have his moment, even though he had two catches for 19 yards, although one went for six points.

The Peyton Manning years were probably the most fun because, except for a Sunday Night meltdown, the Broncos had their most fun against Brady in that stretch. The loathing in Colorado is real, but Brady shouldn’t be too upset. He’s hated in many places by many people (some for unethical reasons). But he’s not the biggest villain in Denver; there are two others.

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