3 NFL quarterbacks who need to be benched after Week 4

Carson Wentz

Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz. (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

Nothing weighs down teams quite like subpar NFL quarterbacks. In Week 4, even winning performances were not good enough to spare these QBs from criticism.

In the NFL, you’re only as good as your last outing. It doesn’t matter if you were once good. You’ve gotta be good now to justify a starting place in the NFL.

There are a bunch of currently starting NFL quarterbacks who aren’t checking that box. It’s time to roast them and bench them.

We don’t need to include Mitch Trubisky this time around because Mike Tomlin did it for us. The Steelers took Trubisky out at halftime and gave the reigns to Kenny Pickett. Even though Pickett threw three interceptions in the loss, it feels like this change is permanent.

So who else deserves some benching…

3 NFL quarterbacks who need to be benched after Week 4

Carson Wentz

What even is the point of Carson Wentz? He’s not winning games for the Commanders. He’s taking sacks. He’s throwing interceptions. He’s clearly not the future. He’s barely the present.

Say what you will about Taylor Heinicke but at least he brought some flair and fun. He isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL. He’s also not worse than Wentz, who Washington traded for. The fact that the Colts gave up on him after one year says a lot. The Commanders probably should have listened.

Now they’re stuck with a quarterback who completes 25-of-42 passes for 170 yards while throwing two interceptions against the Cowboys.

Just pull the plug already. Put their fans, and the quarterback, out of their misery.

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