3 coaches Broncos could’ve hired instead of Nathaniel Hackett

Nathaniel Hackett, Denver Broncos

Nathaniel Hackett, Denver Broncos. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos may have made a GOB Bluth huge mistake in hiring Nathaniel Hackett.

We are only four weeks into Nathaniel Hackett’s tenure as the Denver Broncos head coach, but he does not look like the guy to lead this AFC West team to the promised land.

Hackett was hired away from the Green Bay Packers to hopefully get Aaron Rodgers to come to the Rocky Mountains. While he had success as an offensive coordinator in Titletown and with the Jacksonville Jaguars before that, Hackett does not look like he can hack it as an NFL head coach. Despite trading for Russell Wilson this offseason, Broncos Country looks to be in for a rough one.

It was weird when he was hired, but the Broncos could have had these guys over Hackett instead.

Denver Broncos: 3 head coaches they could have hired over Nathaniel Hackett


Mike McDaniel

Head Coach Miami Dolphins

Mike McDaniel was a ball boy for the Mike Shanahan Denver Broncos as a teen

Although he was not a candidate for most job vacancies this past offseason cycle, the early returns on Mike McDaniel with the Miami Dolphins have gone over well. While he has to work around perpetual organizational chaos in South Florida, the former San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator actually grew up in Denver and was a ball boy as a high schooler for Mike Shanahan.

McDaniel may not have a big physical presence at all, but he is incredibly innovative and highly personable. More importantly, this gig would have meant beyond the world to him. Being able to play for your childhood team is one thing, but to lead that team, how can you put a price on that? Regardless, Denver would have a strong offensive identity by running the ball a ton with McDaniel.

Every win McDaniel gets leading the Dolphins is a reminder he once hailed from Broncos Country.

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