Why Zack Martin Is Worth the Money Spent for the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys veteran guard Zack Martin is ready to get back to work.

Martin and the Cowboys have agreed on a reworked deal worth around $18 million in the next two years, which is fully guaranteed, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The new deal is worth $8.5 million more than Martin’s initial contract, which was worth $13.5 million this year and $14 million next year. This makes Martin the third highest-paid guard in the NFL, just behind Quenton Nelson and Chris Lindstrom.

Is This a Fair Deal for Zack Martin?

So, following the weeks-long standout, is this a fair deal for Martin?

The short answer: Yes.

Martin and Jerry Jones seemingly found a way to meet in the middle. Martin will get compensated for his role on the team and play on the field, while the Cowboys’ front office doesn’t take a significant hit on the salary cap.

This comes after a weeks-long saga of Jones standing firm that there has been no movement with Martin. Jones said it was nothing personal, but that money was needed to pay other guys with contracts that needed to be extended. 

Martin tweeted this after the news broke:

Zack Martin’s Career So Far

Martin is one of the best guards in the league. He is a six-time first-team All-Pro. Impressively, going into his 10th season with Dallas, he has more Pro Bowl appearances (8) than he does penalties (7).

Martin also became a member of Madden 24’s “99 Club.” For perspective, the last time this happened for a guard was in 2003 with former Cowboys’ guard Larry Allen.

According to stats from ESPN Analytics and Next Gen Stats, the Cowboys’ offense has had these numbers with and without Martin on the field since 2019.


  • 6.0 yards per play
  • 64% quarterback rating
  • 58% pass-block win rate


  • 4.9 yards per play
  • 43% quarterback rating
  • 42% pass-block win rate

Zack Martin’s Unmatched Veteran Leadership in the Locker Room

Not only is Martin one of the best in the league, he is a staple for the Cowboys’ offensive line. The line is still one of the most prominent question marks for the team, even going into Week 4 of training camp. 

The stability Martin brings to the field is an asset in itself, but his veteran leadership is far from replaceable.

During his holdout, teammates vocalized their support for Martin. One of the biggest names to do so was quarterback Dak Prescott, who said, “Pay the man,” when asked his thoughts on the situation.

This speaks volumes for many reasons, but the main one is that Prescott is due for a contract extension himself.

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