Why Jets negotiation tactics will cost them more in Aaron Rodgers trade

Nothing has been easy in Aaron Rodgers’ divorce with the Green Bay Packers and him being able to sign the papers with his new team of choice in the New York Jets.

As long as former Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers suits up for the New York Jets in Week 1, Gang Green will be fine.

While I am all in favor of Rodgers entering his Lou Reed stage of his life, let’s just hope he doesn’t go Jack Kerouac on everyone’s ass again. There are no wilderness caves to be had in the Five Boroughs. In a weird way, the Jets and Rodgers are perfect for each other. They love attention and are down with playing some pretty competitive football this year. I think this marriage could work.

However, the negotiating tactics have been odd every step of the way. The Jets could get burned.

Rodgers is 100 percent their guy, but for a team that has not made the playoffs since 2010 their whole approach in this is kind of off-putting. Just End The (Off)Season…

New York Jets’ recruitment of Aaron Rodgers could prove costly in the end

Look. Jets fans have been through enough. It has become more than Stockholm Syndrome at this point, so bless their Gang Green-ed hearts. However, this has never been a franchise where quarterbacks go and thrive long-term. Guys will have success, but the Jets do run through quarterbacks like the late Larry King did wives. That man was at the top of his profession, though.

I think the issue at play here is the Jets have pretty much told everybody else no. That’s fine, so long as you get your guy. But until the T’s have been crossed and the I’s have been dotted, the Jets are in quarterback no-man’s land. They have completely destroyed any trade value Zach Wilson has at this point. The Jets also failed to understand that the Packers would indeed play hardball.

Ultimately, I do want this trade to happen so we can move on with our lives. Tension is a horrible thing. It is especially agonizing for fans of a team caught between a rock and a hard place. Content creators are always looking for something new and interesting. Not gonna lie, this is getting old. More importantly, it does not serve us for the Jets and the Packers to both be bad simultaneously.

With the first wave of free agency, the Packers and Jets cannot afford to miss out for much longer.

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