Which NFL Team has the Most to Prove?

OTA’s (Organized Team Activities) are about to begin and with that the new NFL year will as well. A lot of teams have made a lot of changes but one thing that has not changed is the competitive nature of the NFL. With that being said, let’s take a look at the team who has the most to prove.

The Dallas Cowboys are America’s team, expectations are going to be high every year because of who they are. And with all things being considered they’ve lived up to them having multiple 12 win seasons. The problem is the postseason.

Mostly the defense has been phenomenal, it’s been the offense who falls off. Quarterback Dak Prescott has taken a lot of the heat for most of the failures. Despite a young offensive line Prescott has a multitude of weapons at his disposal and had minimal excuses. Playoff losses include a 48-32 loss to the Packers, 19-12 loss from the 49ers and another 23-17 loss from the 49ers. 

In terms of success, the Cowboys have done a pretty good job. But the expectations are always Super Bowl or bust for such a talented roster. If things don’t pan out this year, we could see major changes in the city named Dallas.

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