What if Lamar Jackson and Mike McDaniel team up in Miami?

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s future with the franchise could be in flux. But would he ever consider leaving for a familiar destination?

The Miami Dolphins are heading up to Baltimore to face the Ravens this week as each AFC team looks to build off 1-0 starts to the season.

Five Reasons Sports Network’s Hussam Patel floated the idea of Jackson joining the Dolphins someday.

It’s common knowledge that Jackson pushed back against a proposed extension from the Ravens, yet Jackson — the beloved Ravens leader who’s been known to adorn Baltimore Christmas trees — hasn’t been perceived as a Russell Wilson looking for a way out.

As Patel points out, Jackson “was born in Pompano Beach and played at Boynton Beach High…”

A Jackson-Dolphins pairing is intriguing for a number of reasons, namely Mike McDaniel.

Could Mike McDaniel and Lamar Jackson team up?

There may be other reasons aside from money that prompt Jackson to seek a way out. As Patel points out, it would make sense for Jackson to seek a fully-guaranteed deal. Considering Jackson’s recent injury history, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this were a sticking point for him.

Not only is Jackson Baltimore’s franchise quarterback, but the Ravens offense is built around his talents. Jackson is known to use his legs and his arm, assets that propelled him through a unanimous NFL MVP season in 2019 and subsequent playoff berths. Marquise Brown is out; the Ravens are running back and tight end heavy; and the stage is set for Jackson to set up passes and runs as he sees fit. It’s not a scheme that would suit every quarterback.

Tyler Huntley is slated to start behind Jackson, but there’s still conversations around whether or not he can start as an NFL quarterback. It’s not exactly a situation the Ravens would like to find themselves in, but it could be their impending reality nonetheless.

Then there’s the question of what the Dolphins would do with Tua Tagovailoa if Lamar Jackson arrived. If past Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson reports are accurate, then clearly the Dolphins have been looking for a new option at quarterback. But just because Jackson wants to return home doesn’t necessarily mean the Dolphins will be able to accommodate him.

First, the Dolphins would have to find a way to trade Tagovailoa, who is on a rookie contract and is considerably cheaper than Jackson. Then, they would have to find a way to give Jackson the money he’s pushed for in Baltimore.

The future remains uncertain, but what is now clear is that Jackson is unhappy about a few things in Baltimore. If the Ravens don’t reach terms, they could lose the franchise quarterback they’ve built their hopes upon — and the Dolphins would be facing a quarterback conundrum.

Mike McDaniel created an electrifying run-centric offense in San Francisco. With Jackson at the helm and an intriguing core of weapons, who knows what’s possible in Miami, if Lamar were to make such a move?

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