What did Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan? Everything we know

On Sunday, Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones drew a flag for “disturbing language” against Colts quarterback Matt Ryan, yet what was said is unclear.

With just a few minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs-Colts game was 17-13. The Colts embarked on what would be a game-winning touchdown drive, but on their 31-yard line, all they knew at the time was that Matt Ryan just went down hard with a sack. What would have been a 4th & 14 became a first down and a 15-yard gain, all because Chris Jones was flagged for “unsportsmanlike conduct.


The Colts ended up winning the game, the Chiefs lost their first one of the season, and everyone is still wondering what Jones could have possibly said to get a 15-yard penalty like that.

Because apparently, Jones was just “having a conversation”, and he’s never gotten a flag for anything like this.

What did Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan during the Chiefs-Colts game?

While Jones hasn’t repeated what he has said, he has offered context around the situation, stating that there was a back and forth between Jones and Ryan and that he didn’t say anything outside of the ordinary.

“I was frustrated that I got called, I don’t think I said anything horrendous,” Jones said after the game.

“I thought [Matt Ryan and I] were having a conversation with one another, but you never know what the official is seeing. Could’ve heard something that was loud, so could have done a better job playing football.”

According to the post-game referee report by Shawn Smith, Jones used “disturbing language” that has “no place in professional football.”

To this, Jones replied with a cap emoji, implying that this allegation is a lie.

And according to Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, whatever the referee determined to be “disturbing language” is still something that hasn’t been shared with the Chiefs.

Players can draw fouls under the unsportsmanlike conduct entry in the NFL rule book, which specifies that “baiting or taunting acts or words that may engender ill will between teams” can draw penalties.

That being said, the league has not been transparent with the Chiefs, the media or the public about what Jones allegedly said.

According to Pro Football Talk, “Smith said that the specific comment made by Jones would be added to the official game report. Per the league, the official game report has been filed. However, neither the league office nor anyone else is saying anything about what Jones supposedly said.”

With Week 4 on the horizon, no one seems to know what Jones said — just that Smith’s description of events is inaccurate, according to Jones on Twitter.

From what Jones has said, he has made it seem that nothing he said or did on the field was out of the ordinary. Players do talk, and even fight, as the Mike Evans-Marshon Lattimore brawl last week proved.

Still, Jones takes responsibility for the fact that his actions, commonplace or not, cost his team the game.

“I blame myself for that… It was my fault,” Jones said.

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