Von Miller didn’t take kindly to Kenny Pickett’s ‘underdog’ comment (Video)

Buffalo Bills pass-rusher Von Miller disagreed with Kenny Pickett’s assertion that the Steelers were underdogs this week on the road.

It took one game for Pickett to get under a contender’s skin.

The Steelers are 14-point underdogs for the first time in decades as they travel to Buffalo to take on the preseason Super Bowl favorites. While Vegas may view it differently, Pickett does not believe Pittsburgh is a true underdog.

“Everybody else thinks we’re underdogs. We don’t,” Pickett said. “We’re going to go in there with some confidence. We know how great we can be when we’re detailed and we execute at a high level. That’s something we need to take care of during the week or we won’t have a shot. It’s the details, the little things, guys running at the right depth, I’ve got to be on time, give them a great ball and they’ll make the plays. The line has been doing a great job all year, so I have a ton of confidence in those guys. It’s everyone doing their 1/11th and we’ll be OK.”

Bills, Von Miller using Kenny Pickett’s Steelers comment as motivation

Miller didn’t take kindly to that comment, as innocent as it may look on paper. Essentially, all Pickett said was he’d try his best and that he believes in his team. Nothing wrong with that, right? Right?


Miller called out Pickett for looking at the spread, and getting “fake mad” at the Bills. “Nobody thinks you’re underdogs,” Miller said in a stream.

As much as the future Hall of Famer wants to play it off, Pittsburgh is actually a massive underdog. Whether Miller chooses to look at the spread or not, the Steelers are heading on the road after a quarterback change and a brutal loss at home to the Jets. They’re 1-3 on the season, and their own star wideout called 2022 a rebuilding year.

Does Miller really need more evidence?

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