Tyree Wilson emerging as No. 2 pick to Houston Texans?

We appear to have a good grasp on the No. 1 pick market with Bryce Young the overwhelming favorite to be the first pick to the Carolina Panthers, but most of the intrigue starts at No. 2, which is currently with the Houston Texans.

We don’t have a ton of information on what the Texans want to do at No. 2, but we can piece together some of the info to help us understand. We know that they were very high on Young and nearly traded for the first pick a month ago, so they can be down on the rest of the quarterback class and may be looking to move back on Thursday to a QB-needy team. However, we also know that Houston has a first year head coach DeMeco Ryans that comes from San Francisco as a defensive coordinator. Could Houston look to build up the defense without much love for the quarterbacks?

That is what the odds are saying.

Tyree Wilson picked up steam over the weekend, becoming the favorite to be the first defensive player selected over Will Anderson, and now is the favorite to be the No. 2 overall pick in what is becoming a revolving door of favorites as we draw closer to the first round on Thursday night and uncertainty remains.

It’s worth noting that Will Levis was the odds on favorite during the weekend as he has been connected to the Texans’ as the team’s second quarterback, behind Young, but also could be a potential trade up target for certain teams if the Texans end up moving back on Thursday.

C.J. Stroud remains in the mix for the second pick, but it appears that his stock has fallen behind Levis, who has been even getting some buzz as the No. 1 pick a few days before the draft.

As we stand, about 48 hours when we will find out the pick, the momentum is driving towards Wilson and Levis.

2023 NFL Draft No. 2 overall pick odds

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