Tyrann Mathieu adds insult to LSU’s injury paying off bet with former Florida State player

Tyrann Mathieu is proud of his LSU Tigers but that came back to bite him after making a bet with Saints teammate P.J. Williams for the Florida State game.

Despite his unfortunate and unceremonious exit from the LSU football program, Tyrann Mathieu remains extremely proud of the Tigers. And he’s made a habit throughout his NFL career of making friendly wagers with teammates regarding his college team.

That hasn’t changed now that Mathieu is on the New Orleans Saints. Ahead of the LSU season-opener on Sunday night in Week 1 against Florida State, the Honey Badger made a wager with fellow defensive back and FSU product P.J. Williams about the result of the game. And as we know, that did not turn out in favor of Brian Kelly’s team in the head coach’s first game at the helm of the program.

So after the gut-wrenching loss, Mathieu (and LSU fans for seeing it) had to keep his stomach turning to pay off the bet as he showed up and took a photo with Williams while decked out in Florida State apparel.

Tyrann Mathieu pays off LSU-Florida State bet in embarrassing fashion

It’s all in good fun, but the smirk on Mathieu’s face does not seem like an expression of a man who’s happy to be wearing the clothes he’s in. I guess we can add him to the list of people who aren’t too pleased with Brian Kelly after the first week of the season.

There is hope for LSU moving forward if the Honey Badger has any more bets that he wants to make with teammates this season. A new coach with a patch-work (albeit talented patch-work) roster can lead to some early growing pains and that might’ve been what we saw on Sunday night. Mathieu is certainly hoping that’s the case.

As for the Saints safety himself, he’s on a new team after a long stint with the Chiefs and could be renewed by the new opportunity. And he’s probably rejuvenated by the mere fact that Wednesday was the last time he’ll have to wear Florida State gear this year.

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