Two RBs Impress and Kelvin Joseph Shows Growth

With the Dallas Cowboys falling short to the Seattle Seahawks and the biggest storylines surrounding the injuries, there are some good and bad takeaways from the game.

The game’s biggest storyline was the number of injuries for the Cowboys. But let’s look at some key points and players in this matchup.

Cowboys Winners in Preseason Game 2 vs. Seattle Seahawks

Winner | Deuce Vaughn

Deuce Vaughn continues to make it look easy to cut right through defenders twice his size.

He had another touchdown during the game, running the ball for 14 yards and showing agility, even with a defender flying at him.

Winner | Jalen Tolbert

Jalen Tolbert has become a clutch guy for any quarterback that he plays with. He has become a dependable downfield target that creates separation to make catches.

Not only that, but he is giving glimmers of being the Cowboys’ go-to guy on third down.

Winner | Sam Williams

After a chippy last practice, Sam Williams came out with a ferocity that got him a sack early in the game.

Williams’ ability to rush the edge and pressure opposing quarterbacks has become stronger, especially during this training camp.

Winner | Rico Dowdle

Rico Dowdle came into this game with a chip on his shoulder after fumbling the ball on the 1-yard line last week. This week, Dowdle had his strongest showing yet, proving he can be a viable backup to Tony Pollard. He played with strength and aggression in all of the reps that he got.

Dowdle had a 6-yard touchdown pass that put the Cowboys on the board in the second quarter. However, Dowdle missed a block in the fourth quarter that ended with a safety for the Seahawks.

Dowdle needs to play a complete game all the way through. He has continued to show growth every week that camp and the preseason has progressed.

Cowboys “In the Middle” vs. Seahawks

In the Middle | Kelvin Joseph

Although Kelvin Joseph has grown during this offseason, consistency is his most significant issue.

He shows how successful he can be when he plays in the slot. He was great in coverage and had some key stops. But seeing a complete game from Joseph will be his difference maker.

Cowboys Losers vs. Seahawks

Loser | Will Grier

Although Grier kept the Cowboys in position to possibly win in the last two minutes of the game, he scrambled and didn’t get the ball out of his hands, with the play ending in a sack.

Grier can’t seem to play a complete game, even though he has glimmers of growth when he can release the ball quickly.

Loser | The offensive line 

The depth of the offensive line remains one of the most worrisome issues with the team.

The line allowed two sacks during the game, which shows that there is still weakness within the line. Pass pro seems to be an area of concern if the quarterback in the pocket can’t release the ball quickly.

Going forward this week, the issue will be who will be the swing tackle, depending on what the injury update will be with Matt Waletzko, who hopes to be that guy. 

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