Travis Kelce roasts Patrick Mahomes, brother, himself on SNL (VIDEO)

Travis Kelce appeared to be a comedic natural on his Saturday Night Live appearance this week.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce might have an after-football career on his hands as a stand-up comedian if his Saturday Night Live appearance this weekend was any indication. Kelce was invited to host the popular live skit comedy show, and of course, one thing fans love to see from the hosts is their opening monologue.

Kelce, who said he is a huge fan of the show and was honored to stand on a stage he’s seen so many comedy greats stand on, was a natural. His timing was perfect, he had a great balance of jabs at himself and others, and he has that charming X-factor that pulls it all together.

Here’s the video, and some of the best quotes from his monologue on SNL:

Travis Kelce makes fun of his lack of words and Patrick Mahomes’s voice

“I was nervous about doing a monologue, but then I remembered I’m actually, I’m pretty good with words,” Kelce said. They then showed a clip of his “elegant pump-up speech” during Super Bowl 57 which was actually just him saying “more” about 20 consecutive times to his teammates.

He went on to say “more, more, more” in his Patrick Mahomes impersonation voice, which we’ve all grown to love.

“Love you, Pat,” he said.

Travis Kelce roasted his brother for losing in the Super Bowl

Kelce’s family was in the audience, and he involved them in the monologue.

“I got to play against my brother Jason who is an Eagle. And my mom was on TV more than both of us!”

“People keep asking me what it was like to beat my brother in the Super Bowl and um, it was, pretty awkward. Especially because after the game we had to ride home together. Our mom drove us there in her minivan.”

He also addressed some of the controversies from the game:

“Even though his team lost after being up 10 points at half, my brother is actually really happy for me. And he agrees the ref made the right call, it was a holding,” Kelce said as the camera hillariously cut to a dead-panned Kelce in between sentences.

Travis Kelce admits his brother is better at everything, but that it doesn’t matter

Travis Kelce is the first to admit he wasn’t the smartest or most talented…

“[Jason] was always better than me at everything. In high school, he was an honor student, and I got kicked off the team because I failed French. And English too, but French sounds way better.”

But in the end, it doesn’t really matter because Travis has two Super Bowl rings.

“And then, when we were in college, I actually got kicked off the team because I tested positive for marijuana. So, just goes to show you if you smoke weed and you’re bad at school, you can win the Super Bowl twice!”

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