Travis Kelce attempting to name the NFL coaches is a massive failure

Travis Kelce is an elite tight end, incredibly hilarious, but absolutely terrible at knowing people’s names.

As long as Travis Kelce can keep catching passes from Patrick Mahomes at a high level, he probably does have to learn new names.

In a tremendous test of the wits, Kelce’s other brother in Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce put him on the spot to name all the coaches from last week’s NFL meetings photo op. Although Frank Reich, Nick Sirianni and Mike Vrabel were unavailable, you have to see Kelce take this thing to new heights on … New Heights. Every guy is Coach, and many of them don’t work in the NFL…

Does the Kansas City Chiefs tight end get a passing grade? Find out now in this ensuing hilarity!

If you want to laugh to the point of tears coming out of your eyes, watch this clip on infinite repeat.

Travis Kelce’s inability to know NFL head coaches name is the content we crave

As any sane person would do in this venture, I am going to break down the this podcasting masterpiece as best as I can. After knowing what teams Brandon Staley, Brian Daboll and Kyle Shanahan work for, Kelce’s inabilty to recognize Josh McDaniels adds another amazing wrinkle into the Chiefs’ major rivalry with the Las Vegas Raiders. It also sets in motion the rest of the rundown.

After being straight-up told he has no chance in knowing Kevin O’Connell’s name, Kelce rattled off three “I don’t know’s” in a row, including Jason Kelce’s former Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, now leading the Indianapolis Colts, and his team’s “biggest rival” today in Zac Taylor of the Cincinnati Bengals. Coach may be a dawg, but he knew it started with a T. Sorry, Coach Taylor…

As they made the turn back on the front row, Mike “Matt Foley” McCarthy caught a stray, followed up by Travis Kelce not knowing Jason Kelce’s former defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, now of the Arizona Cardinals. So he went 0-2 on his brother’s team’s former hotshot coordinators. Whatever. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl, and Kelce got to crush Silver Bullets with Mahomes!

Perhaps the biggest diss was the fact that Kelce refused to accept that Kevin Stefanski works in the NFL. He then went on a run there after Mike McDaniel, but wouldn’t say anyone’s names, whether that be Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick, Andy Reid or Ron Rivera. He referred to Sean McVay as Gordon Bombay, but had no clue who Dennis Allen was before knowing Sean McDermott’s team.

So did Kelce get a passing grade or not???

Well, he pulled off a total jock move by getting above passing as the semester winded down. He ended up going 21-for-29, which gave him a 72.4 out of 100. As anybody who knows how to be successful in this country, C’s and D’s get degrees. Frankly, it would have been so disappointing if Kelce got all 29 or a much higher mark because who would want to cheer on a nerd at Arrowhead?

As soon as the Kelce Brothers hang up the spikes, they are going to be total football media icons.

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