Top Lineup Includes Ben DiNucci, Jahcour Pearson, and Darrius Shepherd

If you’re looking for Week 10 XFL DFS picks, then you’ve come to the right place. Focusing on all four contests, we’ve analyzed each team’s highest-probability game scripts to assess the most likely outcomes, including which players are in line to thrive more than anticipated or fall short of expectations.

The following recommended DraftKings lineup (for tournaments, 50/50, or head-to-head competitions) aims to lock in a relatively high floor while maximizing upside. Whatever you decide, good luck.

XFL DFS Considerations

Last week, my recommended DFS lineup finished “outside the money” in tournaments, somewhere around the top 33% overall. Good enough for 50/50 money, but clearly short of tourney money.  It marked the second time this season (out of 20 recommendations) that a slate hasn’t hit in tournament play.

So let’s see if this last one of the regular season can be a big winner (no pressure). And it’s a particularly unusual week since four of the eight teams have nothing to play for. The Defenders and Roughnecks have clinched a home playoff game, while the Vipers and Guardians have been mathematically eliminated.

And if that’s not strange enough, each of those four teams will compete against a team with something to play for — at least as of Friday.

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An extra complication: if the Brahmas lose on Saturday, then the Renegades are into the postseason, meaning they might rest some/most of their starters against Houston (which might do the same).

That leaves us with only three teams that are in 100% “we must win” mode: the Brahmas, Sea Dragons, and Battlehawks.

Because I play the percentages, my DFS lineup leans entirely into these three teams. No getting cute with DC backup QB Deondre Francois or Houston’s high-flying Deontay Burnett. Three teams have 60 minutes to at least partially control their playoff destiny. I’m betting on the assumption these squads’ offenses will execute better than usual against defenses that might feature several backups.

Top DraftKings DFS Picks for XFL Week 9

Today, we’re playing DraftKings’ “XFL Classic,” which includes one QB, one RB, two WRs, two RB/WR/TEs, and one D/ST.

QB Ben DiNucci, Sea Dragons ($12,200)

If AJ McCarron hadn’t gotten hurt earlier this month, I might have been open to saving some DFS funds and slotting in the cheaper McCarron. No doubt, he’s been a top-three XFL quarterback.

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But this is for all the marbles, and a healthy Ben DiNucci is a no-brainer. He could realistically throw for four touchdowns (I believe he will — let’s put it that way), and a backfield hampered by injuries only elevates his value.

RB T.J. Hammonds, Sea Dragons ($3,500)

This will be a very top-heavy slate. As a result, you’re going to see some cost savings … right here. While T.J. Hammonds isn’t my favorite DFS option, he’s my favorite RB value play in Week 10. I like his versatility, and he might just lead this team in carries with their season on the line.

WR Jahcour Pearson, Sea Dragons ($11,300)

DiNucci has a lot of targets to choose from. Jahcour Pearson arguably remains the best of the bunch. It’s a steep price, and also a necessary one to optimize this lineup’s ceiling.

WR Darrius Shepherd, Battlehawks ($9,700)

I’m doubling up on St. Louis receivers, assuming McCarron plays well enough to feed both of them (but not better than DiNucci, of course). Darrius Shepherd is a top-five XFL receiver, period.

WR Marcell Ateman, Battlehawks ($4,800)

If my continually failing memory is correct, Marcell Ateman was Week 1’s most expensive DFS receiver. Much has changed since then, as the former first-round XFL pick has often struggled, even when healthy. But that began to change two weeks ago, and he’s now a clear top-three receiver in one of the league’s top passing attacks.

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Essentially, he’s gone from overpriced to undervalued, and it took only nine weeks.

WR Nick Holley, Brahmas ($3,900)

The Battlehawks’ Gary Jennings ($3,800) would be an appealing dart throw. But I’d rather shoot for the moon with a member of San Antonio’s muted receiving corps. Nick Holley has as good a chance as any Brahma to catch a TD pass. He proved his worth last week after San Antonio signed him (a few weeks after Houston released him). Clearly, they think they have someone special, and I expect them to use him.

D/ST Brahmas ($3,700)

Bet against DC’s defense? Insane! Unless DC recognizes that they have nothing to gain by starting Jordan Ta’amu, Abram Smith, Lucky Jackson, etc. And the Brahmas have one of the league’s top defenses. Given the differentiating motivations of these two teams, I’m betting big on San Antonio to take care of business against (I believe) a large swath of backups.

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