Top 5 NFL predictions with 100 days left until season starts

Great news for us football fans, the NFL season is officially only 100 days away!

So, in honor of the 100 day countdown, I figured I’d make some predictions for the upcoming season. In fact, I have five of them.

Let’s dive into it.

5 predictions for 2023 NFL season

Christian McCaffrey will win NFL MVP

No running back has won the NFL MVP award since Adrian Peterson in 2012, but if any one is going to do it, it’s going to be Christian McCaffrey. Not only because he’s one of the best running backs in the lead, but he’s a duel threat back that plays for a team that knows how to utilize him.

He racked up 746 rushing yards and 52 receptions for 464 receiving yards in 11 games for the 49ers last season. If he can produce at that level for a full 17 games with the 49ers, he could be in contention for the NFL MVP by the end of the season.

Lions won’t live up to expectations

Everyone is talking up the Detroit Lions as the third best team in the NFC behind the Eagles and the 49ers, but I don’t buy it. They had the worst defense in the NFL last season, allowing 6.2 yards per play.

Meanwhile, I’m not sold on Jared Goff having a repeat performance of his production from last season. He has had a rollercoaster of a career and just because he had one strong season, for the first time in four years, doesn’t mean he’s going to be able to repeat it again in 2023.

Texans will finish 2nd in AFC South

The Texans were the second worst team in the NFL last season, but I think they may do better than most people think in 2023. The Jaguars are rightful favorites to win the AFC South, but I could imagine the Texans slotting into the No. 2 position.

They got their QB of the future in C.J. Stroud along with the best defensive player in Will Anderson. On top of that, they re-signed Laremy Tunsil and brought in the best head coaching prospect in DeMeco Ryans.

Don’t be surprised if they surpass their projected win total this year.

Falcons will win NFC South

The NFC South is wide open this season, and sure I might be biased as a Falcons fan, but I think they can win the division.

Desmond Ridder improved in each of his four starts last year and through zero interceptions throughout it. They also added the most talented offensive player in the draft, Bijan Robinson, to a team that already had a potent rushing attack.

They added key veteran pieces on defense, including Calais Campbell, David Onyemata, and Jessie Battes.

On top of all that, they have the second easiest schedule in the league.

Jets will win Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers

You know who else went to a new team with a top tier defense at the end of their career and won their second Super Bowl? Peyton Manning.

Now, Aaron Rodgers is trying to mimic that. Don’t forget, the Jets were tied with the Eagles for the fewest opponent yards per play at 4.8.

People think Rodgers’ stint with the Jets will look more like Russell Wilson’s with the Broncos, but I think it’s going to be much more similar to Manning’s with the Broncos.

They’re my pick to win Super Bowl 58.

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.

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