Temple 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include Isaac Moore, Adonicas Sanders, and Adam Klein

No Temple NFL Draft prospect has been selected in the past two years — will one of this year’s group buck that trend? Let’s take a look at the Temple scouting reports for their top three prospects this year.

Temple 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Adam Klein, OL

Strengths: Fifth-year starter who has played guard, center, and right tackle. Tough, intelligent blocker who starts with good knee bend, quickly gets into blocks, and stays square. Keeps his head on a swivel, shows great awareness, and is explosive at the point. Terrific with the shotgun snap. Easily seals defenders from the action.

Weaknesses: Marginal athlete. Ineffective in motion. Lacks great upside.

Overall: Klein was a durable and productive offensive lineman at Temple, yet lacks next-level athleticism. His ability and experience at several blocking positions gives him an outside chance.

Adonicas Sanders, WR

Strengths: Georgia Tech transfer who’s shown flashes of next-level ability throughout his college career. Uses the sidelines well, tracks the pass in the air, and adjusts to the errant throw. Aggressive, competes to come away with the catch, and gets up in a crowd, exposing himself to the big hit.

Consistent hands catcher who comes back to the quarterback and uses his frame to shield away defenders. Strong and tough to bring down after the catch. Gives effort blocking downfield.

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Weaknesses: Lacks a quick release off the line of scrimmage and plays to one speed. Not a deep threat. Moderately productive throughout his college career.

Overall: Sanders possesses the physical tools to be a fifth receiver on Sundays and has shown the skill to do as much on occasion. He’s a developmental prospect who must polish his game, but he should get practice-squad consideration this summer.

Isaac Moore, OL

Strengths: Four-year starter who lined up at left tackle for Temple. Underrated blocking prospect with size and growth potential. Blocks with solid fundamentals, keeps his knees bent, and quickly gets his hands up. Explosive at the point, nasty, and works to finish off opponents.

Keeps his head on a swivel, makes excellent use of angles, and seals defenders from plays with body positioning. Correctly places his hands into defenders and works them throughout the action.

Weaknesses: Lacks range off the edge and gets exploited by speed rushers. Doesn’t play like a great athlete. Possesses short arms.

Overall: Moore has been durable for Temple and is a tough, intelligent blocker who would fit a power-gap scheme.

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