Teams are calling Derek Carr’s salary bluff

Derek Carr wants $35 million, but the latest NFL rumors suggest teams think they can sign the veteran quarterback for far cheaper.

When NFL rumors came out that Derek Carr was looking for $35 million per year in his new contract, most fans gasped, but truthfully, that number might not be all that far off from what he ultimately puts pen to paper on.

What is a starting veteran quarterback that’s expected to get you to the playoffs worth in the NFL? Is Carr that much worse than Kirk Cousins, who makes $35 million annually?

It’s an interesting predicament and Carr hitting free agency somewhat unexpectedly this year thanks to a parting of ways with the Las Vegas Raiders could create a recalibration in the quarterback market, at least until the next massive extension that’s on the way for one of the young quarterbacks still on their rookie deals.

Teams, though, expect they can get Carr at less than $35 million.

NFL rumors: Teams believe Derek Carr contract will be less than $35 million annually

According to a column from Nick Underhill at, teams believe that Carr’s next contract will come in below the $35 million number (subscription required).

Underhill stipulated that, of course, depending on exactly how many teams get involved and how interested they are in Carr, that number could be reached and possibly surpassed.

For instance, the Saints and Panthers are both engaged. If either of the other two NFC South teams — the Buccaneers or Falcons — got in on the race, then there could be a bloodbath bidding battle to get Carr, because landing him adds him to your own roster while also keeping him away from a direct rival.

Ultimately, it’s far too early to tell what Carr’s next salary will come in at just yet. But right now, teams are expecting it to be lower than he wants.

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