Strange Derrick Henry trade talk could be a Bijan Robinson smokescreen

This Derrick Henry to the Philadelphia Eagles rumor could be a Bijan Robinson smokescreen.

With Akbar Gbajabiamila reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to trade for Tennessee Titans‘ star running back Derrick Henry, the new wild west of unverified Twitter did not even know what to think.

After losing Miles Sanders to the Carolina Panthers in NFL free agency, the reigning NFC champions are in need of a bell-cow back. Henry has long been one of the best in the business, but the best running back to come out since Saquon Barkley could be available for The Birds picking at No. 10 in the 2023 NFL Draft. Either way, the Eagles should have a new running back.

In time, Gbajabiamila could be right, as he and Henry are both CAA clients. However, if you want to read between the lines, this may only be a smokescreen to help get Robinson over to Philadelphia.

One would think the Titans would be in the market for Robinson at No. 11 if they moved on from King Henry. Also, let’s keep an eye on the ground-centric offense of the Atlanta Falcons at No. 8…

Strange Derrick Henry trade talk could be a crazy Bijan Robinson smokescreen

Truth be told, Gbajabiamila may have gotten really solid intel here. It would not be all that shocking if the Eagles and the Titans orchestrated a blockbuster draft-day trade. After all, they did make a deal last spring, sending former Tennessee No. 1 wide receiver A.J. Brown to Philadelphia. Mike Vrabel could not have been more furious about this stupid trade Jon Robinson made for them…

Although Ran Carthon is now calling the shots in the Titans’ front office, Howie Roseman is one of the very best in the business. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. By adding a future Pro Football Hall of Famer like Henry in the twilight of his prime, Philadelphia could be in the mix once again to get back to the Super Bowl, may winning it this time around over in Las Vegas?

As far as this potentially being a smokescreen for Robinson, let me explain. I don’t anticipate any team taking Robinson before the Falcons might at No. 8. Although quarterback feels farfetched for them, they could go in any number of directions with that selection. However, Robinson joining an offense with Drake London, Kyle Pitts and a way underrated offensive line is certainly interesting.

While I wouldn’t say Roseman and the Eagles pulling the strings will affect what the Falcons do two spots ahead of him, but it could have ripple effect with teams picking behind them. Robinson is a top-five talent in the entire draft, but being a running back probably has him coming off the board in the early teens at the latest. Keep in mind the No. 10 pick was not the Eagles originally…

For as awesome as Henry has been in his pro career, Robinson is considerably younger. He has way more tread on his tires. While he did run for a ton of yards at Texas, he was not ground to a pulp like Nick Saban used Henry in his Heisman Trophy-winning campaign in 2015. And that was seven years ago! Henry is pushing 30, so caveat emptor when trading for a veteran running back.

Even stranger, why wouldn’t the Eagles just pay to keep Sanders in the first place? He is not as good as Henry or Robinson, but he will play well for the Panthers on his new contract. Plus, it isn’t even in Roseman’s nature to spend big on retaining running back talents. I mean, he was in the building when Chip Kelly called the shots that sent LeSean McCoy to Buffalo for … Kiko Alonso?!

Henry may end up in Philadelphia for all we know, but I think the Eagles like Robinson a bit more.

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