Stefon Diggs’ gummies routine, NFL Week 3 odds and more

This week on Stacking The Box, Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs gave us insight into his pregame habits, plus Week 3 lines and more.

The NFL is entering Week 3. Already.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sterling Holmes and Matt Verderame broke down all the Week 2 action on the Stacking The Box Podcast, before bringing on BetSided’s Ben Heisler to dive into the upcoming games and their betting trends.

However, the show was also highlighted by Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who came on for 10 minutes to promote SNICKERS while also talk about his team’s fast start, how he felt about 13 Seconds, his relationship with Josh Allen, why he could have been an NBA star, and much more.

But perhaps the most interesting tidbit Diggs shared was his pregame routine, which includes eating gummies before getting on the field.

“It was fun in high school,” Diggs said of his playing days at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Maryland. “I used to eat gummies before the game.”

If you’d like to watch the entire episode, check it out on the Stacking The Box YouTube page! If you’d like to view the entire interview with Diggs, click the play button below!

Asked if Diggs still goes for gummies pregame, the All-Pro wideout says it remains a ritual.

“Whatever I’m feeling at the moment. Sometimes I eat breakfast, I’ll get a little breakfast sandwich, but I like to have a little snack before I go out there. I’m not a huge peanut butter and jelly guy.”

In the second half of the show, Heisler comes on to break down the best bets for the upcoming weekend, showcasing the best games of the Week 3 slate.

It’s all on Stacking The Box, every Tuesday afternoon live at noon ET/11 CT, and then with the STB pregame show, featuring BetSided at the same time slot.

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