Steelers Twitter account roasts Bengals for horrible first half performance

The Pittsburgh Steelers embarrassed the Cincinnati Bengals on the field in the first half of the Week 1 matchup. Their Twitter added insult to injury.

The Cincinnati Bengals were heavy favorites going into their Week 1 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, favored by over a touchdown by most sportsbooks leading up to the game.

Their first half surprised many, as they entered halftime leading the defending AFC Champions 17-6. En route to those scores, the Steelers tormented Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense, forcing four turnovers, all on Burrow’s record. That’s three interceptions (nearly as many as he threw in his entire rookie season) and one fumble.

The Steelers social media team took an easy opportunity to roast the Bengals.

Steelers obliterate Bengals Twitter after first half turnoevers in Week 1

The Bengals, leading up to the anticipated Week 1 AFC North matchup, changed their Twitter bio to say, “What are they even steeling?”, poking fun at their rival’s name. Oh… you shouldn’t have done that, Cincy.

The Steelers screenshotted the bio and had this to say:

Oh, man, that’s good. When you force four turnovers in one half, this is an easy joke to make, but you have to applaud the social media team for having the awareness of their opponent’s moves on social to take advantage of the vulnerability.

There’s still football left to play, but T.J. Watt and crew have made things really difficult for the Bengals. On the other side of the ball, Mitchell Trubisky has proven the Steelers right for naming him the starter, throwing for a touchdown in the first half and a quarterback rating of nearly 100.

The Bengals need to get it figured out, and clearly, the Steelers are not nearly as bad as many analysts thought they were.

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