Shannon Sharpe calls out Broncos for making Geno Smith look like Patrick Mahomes

Former Denver Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe called out his former team for allowing Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith to look like Patrick Mahomes. 

Shannon Sharpe has been known to be a quiet, reserved, and humble NFL player. Not. He’s not afraid to run his mouth, especially on the Denver Broncos.

For much of Monday Night Football, i.e., Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle, Denver allowed Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith to dice up the defense and move the ball with relative ease. So much so that Sharpe tweeted the unthinkable, comparing Geno Smith to Patrick Mahomes.

Woof. That’s a mouthful. Not to mention how Sharpe openly was critical of Denver’s offense during his appearance on the Manningcast, specifically Wilson, who at the time seemed a bit too overwhelmed by the moment.

Shannon Sharpe openly criticized Denver’s defense for allowing Geno Smith to look at times like Patrick Mahomes.

In case anyone didn’t know. Shannon Sharpe likes to talk. He did it as a player, and now he does it on television on Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed. At the same time, Sharpe, more often than not, knows what he is talking about. It may come across as harsh and one-sided, but that is merely his analysis.

Having said that, he is not prone to having favorites, specifically the Broncos and the Ravens, both of whom he won a Super Bowl with, two in Denver. Moreover, he was part of each franchise’s first championship, which adds further credibility. Lastly, he wears a gold jacket as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The best part of Shannon Sharpe is that he watches the game without hearing anything, but he will see and tweet what he sees, and the Denver Broncos are not off limits, especially when they are playing bad and allowing quarterbacks of far less statue to look like the game’s greats.

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