Seahawks legend Richard Sherman drags Russell Wilson again

Former Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman took to Twitter to take a shot at Russell Wilson for the second straight week.

Seattle got their revenge on Wilson last week thanks to a Monday Night Football upset, but the shots keep on coming.

Sherman and several former Seahawks have come out of the woodwork to throw shade at Wilson, which is odd given how long the two were teammates. However, Wilson’s tough Seattle exit made him an easy target for Sherman and fans alike.

Wilson didn’t necessarily demand out, but he wasn’t happy when he was made aware that the Seahawks were shopping him a few years ago. Since then, Wilson has underperformed, and eventually knew his time in Seattle was up. When the Seahawks gave him the chance to pick a new long-term home, Denver was an obvious match.

Richard Sherman trolls Russell Wilson for Broncos struggles

Losing to the Seahawks in a clearly-emotional return to Seattle? Sure, that’s understandable. But struggling at home against the Houston Texas? That’s unacceptable, and it’s where Sherman and most fans drew the line.

The Broncos came into the season with Super-Bowl-or-bust level expectations. Thus far, they have not lived up to the hype in a very tough AFC West division. An 0-2 start would put them far behind the eight ball.

Denver’s home opener served as an important change in momentum, especially after Nathaniel Hackett mismanaged the Broncos out of a potential steal on Monday Night Football.

Sherman asked the important question of Hackett, and that’s why the Broncos coach refused to put the ball in his quarterback’s hands.

“He still threw for 340 yards. He was moving the ball,” Sherman said of Wilson, “But, fourth-and-5, game on the line, in Seattle, hey they could’ve put it in his hands, but then who do you got to blame?”

“You could see Peyton Manning saying ‘timeout, timeout.’ You know the difference between Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning?” he said. “Russell does not have the power to call that timeout without the sideline. Peyton Manning can call that timeout without the sideline. He’s the coach on the field. He has that respect.”

Despite Sherman’s commentary, Wilson has earned some level of respect in this league. But, per one of the best cornerbacks of his era, Wilson needs to be humbled.

Perhaps this is that reckoning.

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