San Francisco 49ers should break the NFL and sign OBJ

After stealing Christian McCaffrey from the Carolina Panthers, the San Francisco 49ers should throw a monkey wrench in everyone’s plans and sign OBJ. 

Not so fast, Kansas City and Buffalo; the move that the San Francisco 49ers just made might swing Odell Beckham Jr, in a different direction.

Late Thursday night, while most folks were tuned into baseball and basketball, the Bay Area shook the earth with a blockbuster trade that brought home a star by the name of Christian McCaffrey. As such, the Scarlet and Gold gained a strong piece for their offensive arsenal.

So what does that have to do with KC and the Bills and OBJ? Well, it has been reported multiple times that OBJ could sign with either of those teams, so why not San Francisco come in and spoil the fun?

It’s not a bad decision, and it would give the 49ers another threat in their passing game to go along with their punishing ground game headlined by Deebo Samuel and soon-to-be-joining Christian McCaffrey.

The San Francisco 49ers should change everyone’s plans and sign Odell Beckham Jr

The concern would be the financial investment, as San Francisco’s cap space could pose a threat. At the same time, taking a one-year flier on OBJ and preventing him from signing with other teams could be a stepping stone for the 49ers and make them even more of a threat to come out of the NFC.

Right now, the Eagles stand above all, and squads like the Giants, Cowboys, and Buccaneers are coming, with the Vikings not too far behind. The 49ers, while still competitive, now have thrown themselves farther up the ladder of contenders, and adding OBJ could potentially be the icing on the cake.

The question remains whether OBJ would consider the Bay Area given how his stay in LA ended despite capturing a Super Bowl ring. Still, it’s always fun to speculate and even more fun to see social media go scorched earth when their plans suddenly go awry. The 49ers can make that happen if they so choose.

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