Russell Wilson took a loss at Arrowhead before season even started

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson took an L at Arrowhead before the season even started. This is peak offseason material, folks.

As far as spicy NFL news goes, we’re in a bit of a dead period. Sure, we’ve had the Aaron Rodgers Packers-Jets trade to look forward to and to sustain us, but that’s been a rolling period of “no real update” over and over.

So, when you get gifted Russell Wilson crashing his golf cart, you can understand that I wanted to jump on covering it.

But wait, just like an infomercial, there’s more. Wilson crashed his golf cart at a course in Colorado called Arrowhead in Littleton, Colorado. If the punchline here is going over your head, Arrowhead is the name of the stadium the Chiefs play at.

Yes, Wilson crashed his golf cart at a golf course with the same name as a division rival’s stadium. That’s sweet, sweet offseason news. The only way this would have been better packaged is if Wilson had crashed a Ford Bronco onto Arrowhead, which would have been a little more serious and depressing. So we’ll be content with a golf cart.

Russell Wilson getting Arrowhead Ls out of his system early

Hopefully for Denver Broncos fans and Russell Wilson himself, this is the only Arrowhead L they have to deal with the rest of the year. The Broncos will, as is customary, host the Chiefs and play one game in Kansas City on the road in 2023.

Wilson’s first year with Denver was atrocious, ending 5-12 and missing the postseason. Nathaniel Hackett was fired after his first year and Denver brought Sean Payton out of retirement to lead the team instead.

With that, Payton has entirely reset the culture and made it clear some of the privileges Wilson got under Hackett’s leadership won’t continue. Perhaps he should remove his golf cart privileges as well, or at least get him a driver.

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