QB Streaming Options For Week 3

With Justin Herbert appearing to have hurt his ribs against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football, fantasy football managers are in a difficult but intriguing situation. If Herbert has to miss time or is limited following the injury, then managers may need another QB option to start for them. At this stage, there is no guarantee Herbert will miss time, but we have a chance to be prepared.

While the Chargers and Chiefs players are locked on waivers now, other players are not. Therefore, fantasy managers of Herbert can look to be proactive and find a QB to stream for Week 3 before other managers start thinking about QB streamers for next week.

With Justin Herbert’s injury, which QBs could be Week 3 streaming options

The problem with trying to identify streamers for Week 3 before we have seen 15 of the Week 2 games is that our sample size is incredibly small. We have just one week’s data with which to judge who could have a good matchup next week. However, if you have a bench spot to utilize, there is no harm in speculating on a QB now. If this week suggests you took the wrong path, you can take another shot on waivers on Tuesday night.

All rostership percentages are from ESPN

Kirk Cousins, MIN | 75.3% rostered

The Minnesota Vikings face off against the Detroit Lions in Week 3. The Lions just gave up 38 points to the Philadelphia Eagles, although the majority of the damage was done on the ground. We will get a better idea of the Lions’ pass defense this week when they face Carson Wentz.

However, Cousins has had a great deal of success against the Lions in his career. In nine games, he is completing 74.2 percent of his passes for 282 yards per game with 19 touchdowns to two interceptions. He averages more than three fantasy points above his career average when facing the Lions. If we only look at the last three years since Cousins came to Minnesota, the numbers are even wider.

Cousins averages nearly five fantasy points more per game when facing the Lions in the last three seasons. He averages 2.33 touchdowns per game, 9.1 yards per attempt, and just over 300 yards per game. If he is available in your league, now would be a good time for a speculative add. There is a little more time with Cousins, as he does not play until Monday night, delaying his waiver wire lock until then.

Ryan Tannehill, TEN | 16.4% rostered

In an intriguing twist, Tannehill actually faces the team that Herbert had a good fantasy day against in Week 1, the Las Vegas Raiders. Vegas gave up over 300 yards and three passing touchdowns to Herbert. While the Titans’ offense does not run through Tannehill in the same way, he could still have success against the Raiders in Week 3.

If the Raiders struggle against the Cardinals through the air this week, then Tannehill could be a popular streaming option next week. This affords you an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd.

Geno Smith, SEA | 3.2% rostered

Geno Smith surprised people in Week 1 with a very measured performance against a good pass defense. He only threw for 195 yards, but he had two touchdowns to his tight ends and completed 82 percent of his passes. Nothing spectacular from a fantasy perspective but a solid return.

However, in Week 3, his matchup against the Falcons looks a little juicier. The Falcons struggled in coverage in the second half of their Week 1 game when the Saints really opened up the offense. They ended up allowing 269 yards and two passing touchdowns, as well as a two-point conversion, for a 20-point fantasy day for Jameis Winston. If Smith can match that in Week 3 as cover for Herbert, fantasy managers would be more than happy enough.

Chase Daniel, LAC | 0.1% rostered

Unfortunately, you will not have an opportunity to roster Daniel ahead of waivers as he will now be locked. I have included him here because the matchup with the Jaguars appears favorable. If Herbert was to miss the game, then Daniel could be a more than useful option against a team that gave up over 25 fantasy points to Carson Wentz in Week 1. Wentz threw for over 300 yards with three touchdowns in the matchup.

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