Packers, Aaron Rodgers can’t fall in to this wide receiver trade trap

The Green Bay Packers definitely need help at the receiver position, but they should not under any circumstances trade for Kenny Golladay. 

Golladay has been miserable this season in a Giants uniform, and had just as many catches as you and I on Monday night against the Cowboys. The only difference? Golladay is set to make $13 million this year.

New York wants out of Golladay’s contract, so they’d be happy to part ways with him before the trade deadline. While some teams may be desperate enough to do New York that favor, it should not be the Packers, despite their needs at the position.

Green Bay’s top wide receivers at the moment are Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard and Romeo Doubs. Sammy Watkins is on injured reserve, and Christian Watson was injured last week. It’s been a tough go of it for Aaron Rodgers.

Packers must avoid Kenny Golladay trade trap

Despite the obvious downside to trading for Golladay, GMEN HQ’s Zak Musso listed the Packers as one of the teams which could be interested in an eventual deal:

“Rodgers is the Packers quarterback, which means this season is Super Bowl or bust. The Packers could certainly use a sure-fire No. 1 receiver, but that is not something they will find in the middle of the season. Golladay is a big-body wide receiver who excels in jump ball and contested catch situations, something Green Bay’s offense could desperately use. Nobody fits balls into tighter windows than Rodgers, which makes Golladay an ideal fit.”

From the Giants perspective, this makes all the sense in the world. Dealing Golladay’s albatross of a contract to a contending team with a veteran quarterback? Sign them up.

Green Bay is unlikely to make such a move unless New York signs on for a good portion of that deal. Consider it a buyout, but the Giants and/or Golladay would work out his final destination.

In the end, much of that seems too good to be true. Golladay is a mess at the moment, and even though he’s stuck with Daniel Jones as his quarterback, he has yet to show he’s worth remotely close to his actual valuation.

The Packers would be better served to stay away. Rodgers and Matt LaFleur will, eventually, find a way to make this offense tick, and the rookies have arguably more upside than Golladay anyway. Be patient and let things develop on that side of the ball, rather than reaching for a flawed money grab.

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