Odell Beckham Jr. confirms interest in Packers, Chiefs

Free-agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. prefers to play for a contender — so why not the Green Bay Packers or Kansas City Chiefs?

There have been no reports of OBJ speaking with the Packers or Chiefs, first off — it’s mere speculation and perhaps desire from Beckham’s point of view.

ESPN analyst Marcus Spears got into a Twitter conversation with Beckham Jr., where Spears revealed some possible destinations for the former Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Beckham Jr. responded to this assertion positively, obviously hoping to add some intrigue from the organization perspective.

Who knows if some eye emojis are enough to get a phone call from the likes of Green Bay, Kansas City or even Buffalo, but Beckham Jr. would rather not take the entire season off, one way or another.

How does Odell Beckham Jr. mesh with Chiefs, Packers?

Both of these teams lack a true No. 1, which is why Beckham’s name has been floated for months in association with them.

Kansas City’s offense is performing well without the likes of Beckham Jr., and while more weapons is generally better, it’s fair to wonder if inserting a major personality like OBJ into that locker room would be beneficial, given the by-committee philosophy Andy Reid is preaching.

As for the Packers — it makes far more sense. Aaron Rodgers complained as recently as this week about his receiving corps, stating that they need to get up to speed despite some incremental improvement.

Rodgers even hinted that if the wide receivers can develop, then perhaps it’ll delay his eventual retirement:

“Look, my decision, when it comes down to it, will be, obviously, the physical part, the mental part, seeing where the team is at. . . . There’s some moving pieces that’ll factor in, for sure. But seeing the development of those guys can’t help but be a part of the decision,” via Jason Wilde of Madison.com.

Signing a proven veteran like OBJ can only help matters.

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