Obvious reason proves Eagles might be overrated despite undefeated start

The Eagles have the best record in the NFL, but does that also make them the biggest Super Bowl threat?

The Eagles remain perfect. Four wins. Zero losses.

They are the only team in the NFL without a smudge on their resume. It hasn’t always been pretty. In Week 1, the Eagles gave up an early lead to the Lions before quickly bouncing back—but not without giving up garbage points in the fourth quarter to narrow the score.

In Week 4, with the return of 2017 Super Bowl-winning coach Doug Pederson and the Jaguars, the Eagles gave up 14 early points and had to crawl their way back. Despite these tests, Philly emerged victorious.

With new power rankings after this weekend, the Eagles find themselves near the top of most lists. But are they actually the best team in the NFL right now?

Are the Eagles the best team in the NFL?

The obvious response is that they are yet to play a true contender. Save for sports writers in Jacksonville and Minneapolis, the Jaguars and Vikings are on few shortlists to make deep playoff runs. And the Commanders and Lions grace the backend of most rankings.

Compare the Chiefs’ schedule to the Eagles so far. Aside from their surprising loss to a lackluster Colts team, they outlasted a strong division rival in the Chargers and NFC favorite Buccaneers. Moreover, while the Cardinals have disappointed so far, the Chiefs dismantled them with ease.

Now take the Bills, another Super Bowl favorite. In the first four weeks, Buffalo has taken down the defending champions, the defending AFC No. 1 seed, and a strong Ravens team with a QB playing at an MVP caliber level. Their only loss is to the not-so-surprising sleeper pick Miami Dolphins with one of the best offenses in the NFL.

The Eagles’ resume is nowhere near as polished as these two AFC powerhouses. Still, the Jaguars are in the top half of the league, while the 3-1 Vikings are a top 10 team in many rankings. The Eagles will have tough tests against division rival Cowboys and the Packers on November 27. But aside from a couple tough games, the schedule is one of the friendliest.

This isn’t to say that the Eagles aren’t one of the best teams in the NFL, only that the first serious adversity they face this season might not arrive until playoff time. That’s a long game of wait-and-see for such a talented group.

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