NFL power rankings, Week 5: Falcons rise, Steelers fall

The NFL power rankings for Week 5 are out, and we see a big dip from the Pittsburgh Steelers, while Atlanta Falcons are rising up.


Houston Texans 0-3-1

Last rank: 32nd

The only winless team in the league. The Texans fight hard, they just don’t have the talent.


Chicago Bears 2-2

Last rank: 28th

Justin Fields appears to be a failed experiment.


Pittsburgh Steelers 1-3

Last rank: 24th

The Steelers are 1-3 and their next four games are all against top-end teams. Good luck.


Washington Commanders 1-3

Last rank: 26th

After winning in Week 1, Washington has a case for the worst team in football over the past three weeks.


Carolina Panthers 1-3

Last rank: 25th

The Panthers are feverishly trying to figure out if they can get a conditional seventh-round pick for Baker Mayfield and Matt Rhule.


New England Patriots 1-3

Last rank: 27th

This isn’t your father’s Patriots. Not nearly enough talent to win most games.


New York Jets 2-2

Last rank: 30th

The Jets are finding ways to win. It’s not pretty, but they’re 2-2.


Indianapolis Colts 1-2-1

Last rank: 22nd

Indianapolis is really, really lucky it plays in the AFC South. The Colts would be cooked in any other division.


Detroit Lions 1-3

Last rank: 20th

Defense? Anybody? The offense can score, but so can anybody who plays the Lions.


Seattle Seahawks 2-2

Last rank: 31st

Seattle is shockingly showing a real offense some weeks. If nothing else, the Seahawks are fun.


Cleveland Browns 2-2

Last rank: 21st

How do you lose when the opposing quarterback throws seven completions with an interception?


Atlanta Falcons 2-2

Last rank: 29th

How do you win when your quarterback throws seven completions with an interception?


New Orleans Saints 1-3

Last rank: 17th

The Saints have talent, but they don’t have a quarterback, and might not have a coach.


Las Vegas Raiders 1-3

Last rank: 23rd

Finally, a win for the Raiders. Now, they go to Arrowhead on Monday night in another must-win.


Tennessee Titans 2-2

Last rank: 19th

Tennessee hasn’t been impressive, but it’s 2-2 and tied atop the AFC South.


Arizona Cardinals 2-2

Last rank: 18th

How are the Cardinals 2-2? It feels like they should be 1-8. Also, enjoy those extensions for Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury.


New York Giants 3-1

Last rank: 16th

The Giants are finally changing their culture under head coach Brian Daboll. The losses might come this year, but this is the start of something good.


Los Angeles Chargers 2-2

Last rank: 15th

The Chargers won, but they did everything possible in the second half to lose.


Denver Broncos 2-2

Last rank: 11th

This isn’t a winning team. The Broncos have issues all over, and now injuries are mounting.


Jacksonville Jaguars 2-2

Last rank: 12th

Even though Jacksonville lost, the Jaguars should feel good about their team. Good talent, good coaching.


Dallas Cowboys 3-1

Last rank: 13th

After losing Dak Prescott, many thought the Cowboys were in for a long season. Instead, they’re 3-1 and in great position.


Los Angeles Rams 2-2

Last rank: 7th

The Rams better find another weapon, because throwing to Cooper Kupp on every play isn’t ideal.


San Francisco 49ers 2-2

Last rank: 14th

The Niners have their offensive deficiencies, but this is a contender.


Baltimore Ravens 2-2

Last rank: 8th

The Ravens have blown two ridiculous leads at home. The defense isn’t good, and the entire team is incredibly dependent on Lamar Jackson.


Cincinnati Bengals 2-2

Last rank: 10th

Huge game this weekend. Beat the Ravens, and after an 0-2 start, the Bengals are in first place of the AFC North.


Minnesota Vikings 3-1

Last rank: 9th

The Vikings are weird, and they’re far from consistent, and yet they’re 3-1 and tied atop the NFC North.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2

Last rank: 6th

Tampa Bay got rocked against the Chiefs, but the schedule now gets much easier and the Bucs’ health is getting there.


Miami Dolphins 3-1

Last rank: 5th

The big concern right now is about Tua Tagovailoa, and the Dolphins’ decision-making.


Green Bay Packers 3-1

Last rank: 4th

Green Bay is winning ugly, but it’s winning. Aaron Rodgers and Co. will figure it out.


Kansas City Chiefs 3-1

Last rank: 3rd

The Chiefs showed all they can be on Sunday night. They out-rushed the Buccaneers by a 189-3 margin.


Buffalo Bills 3-1

Last rank: 2nd

What a gut-check by the Bills, coming back from a 20-3 deficit to beat the Ravens. Buffalo is back on track.


Philadelphia Eagles 4-0

Last rank: 1st

The only undefeated team in the league. Philadelphia looks great.

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