NFL power rankings, Week 2: Eagles soar, Cowboys sink

In our Week 2 NFL power rankings, the Dallas Cowboys tumble after injuries and an ugly loss, while the Philadelphia Eagles move up the board.


Atlanta Falcons 0-1

Last rank: 32nd

The Falcons are consistent, if nothing else. What a choke job.


New York Jets 0-1

Last rank: 27th

The Jets came out and looked like the Jets. Unable to score, middling on defense.


Houston Texans 0-0-1

Last rank: 29th

Houston had a win slip away, but somehow lucked out in overtime and got the tie.


Seattle Seahawks 1-0

Last rank: 31st

The Seahawks got some breaks, but what a great win to start the season.


Chicago Bears 1-0

Last rank: 30th

A nice win for the Bears, who are probably still drying off. Now, it’s off to Lambeau on SNF.


Carolina Panthers 0-1

Last rank: 26th

Carolina couldn’t beat Jacoby Brissett and the Browns at home. Not a good omen for the rest of the year.


New England Patriots 0-1

Last rank: 24th

Where is the talent on this roster? Where is the coaching we’ve seen for so many years in New England?


Jacksonville Jaguars 0-1

Last rank: 23rd

The Jaguars seemingly had the Commanders beat, and then fell apart in the fourth quarter for a disappointing start.


Detroit Lions 0-1

Last rank: 25th

The Lions hung around and scored 35 points against the Eagles. It’s not the desired result, but it’s progress.


Dallas Cowboys 0-1

Last rank: 11th

Without Dak Prescott, the Cowboys are essentially finished before the season began.


New York Giants 1-0

Last rank: 28th

What a win for the Giants. Emotional, come-from-behind, all of it. Really well done on the road.


Arizona Cardinals 0-1

Last rank: 19th

Nobody got pummeled worse than the Cardinals, who fell behind early and never threatened.


Washington Commanders 1-0

Last rank: 22nd

Washington showed resolve in the season opener, giving hope it can compete in the NFC East.


Cleveland Browns 1-0

Last rank: 20th

The Browns aren’t going far with Jacoby Brissett, but Sunday was a fun win nonetheless.


Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0

Last rank: 21st

Absurd way to win a game, but the defense was lights out. Can it continue to be without T.J. Watt?


Tennessee Titans 0-1

Last rank: 15th

A brutal loss for the Titans. Blowing a double-digit lead at home to the Giants, before missing a potential game-winning field goal.


Denver Broncos 0-1

Last rank: 10th

Nathaniel Hackett might be the first coach who could justifiably be fired after one game in NFL history. Not really, but almost.


Las Vegas Raiders 0-1

Last rank: 14th

The Raiders have to be thrilled about Davante Adams, but the offensive line was a wreck, allowing six sacks.


Miami Dolphins 1-0

Last rank: 18th

Only 13 offensive points, but Tua Tagovailoa was solid, Tyreek Hill was excellent, and the Dolphins are unbeaten.


Indianapolis Colts 0-0-1

Last rank: 13th

Indianapolis somehow avoided a loss, but tying the Texans? Not ideal.


San Francisco 49ers 0-1

Last rank: 9th

Tough to grade the Niners considering the weather, but it’s still an awful loss to Chicago.


New Orleans Saints 1-0

Last rank: 16th

How did the Saints win that game? A miserable performance somehow turning into a victory.


Minnesota Vikings 1-0

Last rank: 17th

Minnesota throttled Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to begin the campaign. Great start for new head coach Kevin O’Connell.


Cincinnati Bengals 0-1

Last rank: 6th

Cincinnati is going to be fine, but allowing seven sacks and turning the ball over five times is a mess.


Philadelphia Eagles 1-0

Last rank: 12th

The Eagles have one of the league’s best rosters, and A.J. Brown looked incredible in his new duds.


Los Angeles Rams 0-1

Last rank: 5th

Los Angeles couldn’t have been a bigger mess in Week 1. The Rams should bounce back against the Falcons.


Green Bay Packers 0-1

Last rank: 3rd

No need to panic. The Packers have an opportunity to bounce back against the Bears. They lose this one? Panic.


Los Angeles Chargers 1-0

Last rank: 8th

Los Angeles beat the Raiders, and now has a huge challenge against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.


Baltimore Ravens 1-0

Last rank: 7th

The Ravens were ravaged by injuries last year. If they’re healthy in 2022, they’re a contender.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0

Last rank: 4th

Easily the best Week 1 performance from the NFC heavyweights. Tampa Bay shut down the Cowboys.


Kansas City Chiefs 1-0

Last rank: 2nd

The Chiefs were phenomenal, leading Arizona 37-7 before garbage time. Patrick Mahomes had the best performance of the week.


Buffalo Bills 1-0

Last rank: 1st

Buffalo dominated in Los Angeles, with Josh Allen doing it all in a blowout win over the Rams.

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