NFL media, Bills mafia lose their mind over missed Chiefs tripping penalty

NFL media and the Bills mafia on Twitter were furious after the referees missed an apparent tripping penalty on Chiefs defender Chris Jones.

This year’s rematch between the Bills and the Chiefs won’t be without controversy.

In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s epic rivalry game, Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones brought down Bills quarterback Josh Allen for a sack.

Immediately, the quarterback leaped to his feet and yelled at the referees, giving the signal for a tripping penalty. He was furious.

Bills fans watching the game on TV and the NFL media on Twitter were right there with him.

Even though replay showed a pretty clear instance of tripping, the refs didn’t throw the flag, leaving the Bills to deal with the lost yardage. Twitter was incensed over it.

NFL Twitter, Bill fans freak out over missed tripping call

Bills fans argued it was a clear case of tripping. Chiefs fans argued Jones was held in the first place. Neutrals were caught in between. Whichever side you fell on, it didn’t change the outcome. No flag came out so Buffalo was forced to punt.

Despite the frustrating no-call, the Bills were able to get the ball back and took a lead over Kansas City with a touchdown on their next drive. Since Patrick Mahomes was intercepted while trying to lead his team back down the field to answer, maybe this was a case of “ball don’t lie.”

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