List of Miami Dolphins Draft Picks: 2023 NFL Draft Tracker

The remanence of the historic Laremy Tunsil trade has finally dissipated. Unlike previous seasons where Miami Dolphins fans could count on a host of new and exciting rookies to enter Hard Rock Stadium, there is little to get excited about for them in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Chris Grier has been uber-aggressive ever since Mike McDaniel entered the building. They feel there is a win-now window with Tua’s rookie deal, and a trade for Jalen Ramsey this offseason, Tyreek Hill last offseason, and Bradley Chubb during the season is proof of his aggression. Tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton is also to blame for having the league’s least amount of draft capital.

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Miami Dolphins Draft Picks by Round in 2023

How Many Draft Picks Did the Dolphins Have Entering the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Dolphins only possess four picks. They have none on Day 1, two on Day 2, and two on Day 3. Although that is certainly not much ammunition to work with, they’ve been more worried about acquiring proven talent (boats) than gambling on draft picks (mystery box).

The Dolphins originally had two first-round picks in 2023. They lost their own pick after the league found them guilty of tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton. Then, this past November, Miami traded their remaining first-round pick to the Denver Broncos in a package for pass rusher Bradley Chubb.

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Looking at Day 2, Miami has its original pick in Round 2. For Round 3, Miami initially had two third-round selections. They acquired the additional third-rounder last offseason from the New England Patriots in a trade that involved former first-round pick, DeVante Parker. But Miami wisely used that New England pick for a better purpose than drafting a rookie.

In return for Jalen Ramsey, the Dolphins traded the additional pick (77th overall) and TE Hunter Long to the Los Angeles Rams.

For Day 3, Miami will have just two picks, having traded their fourth and sixth-round picks away in the Tyreek Hill trade. The Dolphins also traded their lone fifth-round pick right ahead of the trade deadline for Jeff Wilson Jr. As of early January, Miami will pick for the first time in the sixth round, a pick they acquired from Chicago for Jakeem Grant.

What Are the Dolphins’ Draft Picks in 2024?

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 5
  • Round 6
  • Round 7

The Dolphins have just five of their original selections remaining in 2024. They forfeited their third-round selection as part of the punishment for violating the anti-tampering policy.

Miami’s fourth-round pick in 2024 was dealt to the Denver Broncos as part of the Bradley Chubb trade. The Dolphins sent a first-round pick in 2023, their 2024 fourth-round pick, and RB Chase Edmonds. In return, they received pass rusher Bradley Chubb and a fifth-round pick in 2025.

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