Leonard Fournette landing spots, Dan Snyder intervention and Derek Carr suitor

NFL Rumors Leonard Fournette Dan Snyder Derek Carr

Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Rounding up the NFL Rumors coming out during Combine week with Leonard Fournette landing spots with updates on Dan Snyder and Derek Carr.

When everyone descends upon Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, you know that the NFL Rumors are coming in hot. And that’s definitely the case this week as Derek Carr meets with teams, Aaron Rodgers is still waiting to announce (or make) his decision, Dan Snyder fights to not sell the Commanders, and much more.

The NFL Combine was, of course, rocked on Wednesday with the news on top prospect Jalen Carter as he was the subject of an arrest warrant for his involvement in the events that led to a fatal crash that cost the lives of a Georgia teammate and staffer back in January. That will undoubtedly dominate the draft conversation and for good reason.

What about throughout the rest of the league, though? Let’s check in on what the rumor mill is churning out right now.

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NFL Rumors: Owners want Jerry Jones to ‘broker deal’ with Dan Snyder on selling Commanders

Things getting ugly with Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is not anything new. But now things are starting to get bad as the other 31 owners in the league continue to push for him to sell the team amid a multitude of transgressions.

Snyder reportedly won’t sell to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos due to his connection with The Washington Post, which has been critical of Snyder, but also the fear is that he will try to get out of selling the team altogether. To try and prevent a vote by NFL owners to remove Snyder, though, the other group is sending in its ace negotiator: Jerry Jones?

Yes, you read that right. According to an AP report, the other 30 owners in the league are trying to convince Jones to meet with Snyder and “broker a deal” for Snyder to sell the Commanders. That’s not something you’d think you’d see from two owners of rival teams.

At the same time, though, Jones’ caché in the NFL can never be understated and perhaps that’s the thought process. Whatever the reasoning or rationale, though, we’ll see if it comes to that or what the Snyder sell comes to as a whole in the coming weeks.

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