Latest Dane Jackson update sounds overwhelmingly positive for Bills

The Buffalo Bills gave another update on cornerback Dane Jackson Tuesday morning, and it’s overwhelmingly good news.

While the Bills were able to come away with a 41-7 win over the Titans on Monday Night Football, there was some level of concern in the locker room postgame due to the status on cornerback Dane Jackson.

The Pitt product left the game on a stretcher, and struggled to show much movement in his extremities. He was taken to the hospital and underwent a full CT scan.

“Still awaiting word and obviously praying for Dane and all of [the Bills’ injured players],” coach Sean McDermott said, per ESPN. “You go from the real part of it here; you go from being a coach to just being a human when I’m out there watching him getting loaded into the ambulance. That’s a real moment.”

Bills: Dane Jackson injury update

Tuesday morning brought with it some good news, as Jackson was released from the hospital after undergoing some tests.

“Dane Jackson was transported last night to ECMC and underwent various tests which determined there was no major injury to his neck or spinal cord,” Bills PR tweeted. “He was released from the hospital and is undergoing further evaluation today.”

The hit which injured Jackson was completely inadvertent, and friendly fire if anything. Buffalo linebacker Tremaine Edmunds made a tackle on Titans wide receiver Treylon Burks, but in doing so made contact with Jackson’s helmet. Jackson’s head appeared to snap backwards.

“Definitely a tough play. Just kind of saw the receiver still up, just trying to finish the play,” Edmunds said, once again per ESPN. “A situation that obviously, I didn’t do intentionally. I would never try to do something like that to my teammate, but like I said … the receiver was still up, I was just trying to finish him to the ground and unfortunately, I end up hitting Dane.”

Football is a violent game, and injuries like this do happen. It’s a side-effect of the modern day gladiator sport. Thankfully, it appears Jackson avoided some major trauma.

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