Kyler Murray turning around unfair ‘lazy’ reputation with Cardinals

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has been working hard to get back into physical and mental game-ready form. 

Kyler Murray’s homework may finally be paying off. The Arizona Cardinals quarterback is reportedly progressing well ever since he tore his ACL in his right knee late last season.

He underwent surgery for his knee in January; the typical recovery period for ACL injuries spans nine to 12 months, so Murray could return in September at the earliest.

The Cards have been preaching patience in the meantime, emphasizing there was no need to rush Murray back to the field. While his teammates are going through OTAs, he’s on the sidelines doing everything but the physical reps.

Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon said of Murray’s recent activities:

“[Kyler] wants to be out there [participating]; I know that. He’s fully engaged with everything we’re doing. I saw him making the reads out there behind the offense. When the guys see your trigger guy out there, it matters, so he’s done everything and more that we’ve wanted him to do. Excited for him where he’s at.”

Cardinals’ Kyler Murray is bucking the lazy black QB narrative

A year ago, Murray and the Cardinals agreed to a five-year, $230.5 million extension that made him the second-highest paid player in the NFL at the time.

His contract drew scrutiny from members in the NFL community not because of the money, but because of a certain “homework clause” that decreed Murray must essentially do his homework when not practicing on the field.

The clause stated that Murray was expected to study material provided by coaches to prepare for games and even added that he was forbidden from watching television or playing video games during his study period.

Hall-of-Famer quarterback Warren Moon ripped Murray apart for having that clause in his contract, saying that it was a “slap in the face to all African-American quarterbacks.” For decades, prejudices led people to believe that black quarterbacks were “lazy” and “couldn’t be leaders.” Murray’s embarrassing clause just reinforced that.

Moon’s vicious critique should be water under the bridge now as Murray appears mentally motivated as ever to help his team succeed.

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