Kelsey Plum savages Josh McDaniels after Darren Waller trade

After Darren Waller was traded to the New York Giants, Waller’s wife, Kelsey Plum, made a pointed comment at Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels has so far suffered two humbling defeats in his career — the first is his pitiful 6-11 record in the 2022 season. The second is being savaged by Kelsey Plum, Darren Waller’s wife.

The Darren Waller trade sparked excitement in the Tri-State area considering how little the New York Giants had to give up for the star tight end. The trade also carried big ramifications for Waller’s personal life, as it meant Waller would have to live across the country from his newlywed wife, Las Vegas Aces’ Kelsey Plum.

The sports power couple tied the knot a week and a half ago, and according to the rumors, McDaniels accidentally leaked news of Waller’s wedding to reporters at the combine. That was the first part of the cookie to crumble.

Then, when Waller was traded on Tuesday during the NFL’s free agency legal tampering period, a pundit made a joke about how McDaniels wasn’t “a romantic” since he shipped Waller off to New York as a heartbreaking “wedding present.”

Plum responded to the trade by saying McDaniels may have been salty since he wasn’t invited to the wedding in the first place:

Darren Waller trade gets Kelsey Plum riled up, makes Josh McDaniels look like a killjoy

Waller barely played one season under McDaniels and was on injured reserve for most of the time, so it makes some sense as to why Waller wouldn’t have invited the Raiders coach to his wedding.

The 30-year-old tight end will hope to start anew in New York, the third team of his career; Waller will be leaving the most competitive division in football to go to…..arguably the second most competitive division, competing against the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

In any case, Waller will have his wife by his side figuratively, not literally, and can blame McDaniels for any problems the trade may cause for his marriage.

The swooning romantics around the league are rooting for Waller and Plum to make their long-distance marriage work. The disillusioned optimists who are NY Giants fans are rooting for Waller to make a full recovery from his hamstring injury and return to his elite form in 2019 and 2020, when he was recording 1,000-yard receiving seasons.

As for the killjoy Josh McDaniels, he has his own offensive issues to work out with new quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo under center for 2023.

We’re just two days into free agency (technically, the legal tampering period), and there’s bound to be much more drama ahead.

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