Kansas City mayor takes a shot at Tom Brady during Chiefs blowout win

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas embraces his hometown team by delivering a special message to Tom Brady: it’s time to retire. 

There’s nothing quite like flashing a peace sign to a trailing opponent, as Tyreek Hill knows all too well.

Back in 2020, Hill flashed Antoine Winfield Jr. a peace sign as he sprinted for a touchdown, leaving Winfield and the Bucs in his dust. A few weeks later, it was Winfield shoving a peace sign in Hill’s face as the Bucs smashed the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

The Week 4 SNF showdown between these two teams proved that the rivalry is as strong as ever, and so is the teetering between which team wins the game. In a match pegged as the “GOAT versus baby GOAT”, Brady and Mahomes went back and forth all game, yet the Chiefs emerged victorious with a 41-31 score.

But before the game was even over, Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas was already gloating about what may be the final matchup between Brady and Mahomes.

“Just retire TB12,” Mayor Lucas wrote. “It’s time, bro.”

Kansas City mayor gloats in Chiefs victory over Bucs, Tom Brady

Even though the Chiefs did win this game, Mayor Lucas couldn’t be more wrong in his assessment of Brady. Unless, of course, he’s one of many NFL fans who want to see the 45-year-old retire so Brady can no longer terrorize his team in the playoffs.

It’s not time for Brady to retire in the least bit, because he virtually put the team on his back and powered the Bucs through a 31-point game. Sunday night marked the first time since the NFL-AFL merger in which a team scored over 30 points while rushing for a measly 3 yards, per Stathead.

Brady completed 39 of 52 passes for 385 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions. That’s 136 more passing yards and one less interception compared to Mahomes. Brady finished the game with a passer rating of 114.7, which is higher than Mahomes’ passer rating of 97.7.


That isn’t to say that Mahomes and the Chiefs didn’t play an impressive game worth boasting about, because they certainly did. If anything, the Chiefs soundly proved in Week 4 that they are one of, if not the, NFL’s most complete teams. Add the potential to score 40 points in a game, and the Chiefs seem scarily unstoppable for the fifth consecutive season.

Still, their defeat of the Bucs is not a sign that Tom Brady should retire anytime soon. If anything, it’s the opposite — just imagine the Buccaneers this season if Brady had chosen to remain in retirement.

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