Josh Allen drops epic quote in response to Ken Dorsey’s Bills freakout (Video)

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen defended offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey after he flipped out following the team’s Week 3 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

The Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins game in Week 3 is the most memorable of the season thus far. Not only did fans witness the “Butt Punt,” but saw offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey throw the nearest objects around him following the 21-19 loss.

Days after the game, Bills quarterback Josh Allen defended his offensive coordinator during a press conference.

Josh Allen speaks on Ken Dorsey’s outburst after Week 3 loss

“You show me someone who’s okay with losing, and I’ll show you a loser,” said Allen. “He’s passionate about his job and what he does, and we all feel the same way. We want to win football games and that’s it.”

Allen also commented on Dorsey during an appearance on NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt’s podcast, “Kyle Brandt’s Basement,” saying that his teammates loved “to see that.” In fact, he said that Dorsey was the one to show him the video on the bus ride on the way to the airport!

“Man, I can’t tell you, our guys freaking loved seeing that,” said Allen. “And that’s not him being mad that we lost, that’s not him being angry that we didn’t perform. He was so upset because, this is from his mouth, he loves us and he appreciates us so much for putting everything that we had on the line…”

The Bills had received a safety after the aforementioned “Butt Punt” forced the football to fall out of the back of the end zone. Buffalo tried to get themselves in field goal range to get the 22-21 win. However, with no timeouts available, Allen completed a 12-yard pass to receiver Isaiah McKenzie. With McKenzie falling in bounds, the Bills tried to rush back to the line of scrimmage to spike the ball, but the game clock struck zero before they were able to do so, resulting in the 21-19 loss.

CBS cameras then cut to Dorsey in the coaches box, and that is when the world saw him slamming his notebook and tablet.

Buffalo will look to get back in the win column this week, when they take on a Baltimore Ravens team led by early NFL MVP candidate Lamar Jackson.

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