Jets QB’s Reported $9,500,000 New Jersey Purchase Revealed

Looks like Aaron Rodgers will be living good in his first season with the New York Jets, following his reported $9,500,000 purchase.

Rodgers’ Reported New Mansion Revealed

Per the New York Post on Thursday, Rodgers has dropped nearly $10 million for his newest estate in the Montclair area of New Jersey.

And what are the details of Rodgers’ newest home? It features the following:

  • A total of eight, sleek, bedrooms.
  • 10 bathrooms total.
  • Offers panoramic views of the New York City skyline.
  • A wine cellar.
  • A gourmet kitchen.
  • A private workout room.
  • Three-car garage.

The house additionally is located about 10 miles away from MetLife Stadium, where Rodgers will soon play his home games for the first time in his career.

Per the Post, it’s not known if Rodgers officially has his bags and other items completely inside the venue.

“Sources have indicated for several months that Rodgers purchased this home in question — however, sale records have yet to close, let alone reveal the identity of the buyer,” the Post reported.

Still, Rodgers’ name has been linked as the buyer of the massive and luxurious home. It’s considered an ultra-private architectural masterpiece.

Montclair is considered a township community in Essex County. Per the town’s website, it’s known for its “diverse population, grand old homes, proximity to New York City and its thriving arts community.”

More on the house can be seen here in this video showcasing the Montclair/Cedar Grove property.

Rodgers’ Last Home, Plus One Other $28,000,000 Purchase He Made

Also from the Post, Rodgers’ previous residence in Wisconsin is yet to go up for sale. That place was a 3.5 acre adobe in Oneida, just west of Green Bay.

However, he has one other residence — this one in his home state of California.

In 2019, Rodgers and then-girlfriend and race car driver Danica Patrick purchased a $28,000,000 beachfront home in Malibu, California. The former couple managed to buy the house from British pop artist Robbie Williams.

That beach property was much smaller compared to Rodgers’ reported New Jersey purchase — as the Malibu house featured four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and 4,636 square feet of living area. The venue additionally came with a tall hedge that actually hid the house from spectators’ view and had a wooden gate in the front.

Rodgers back in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic posted a brief picture of one feature of his Malibu house through his Instagram page: A spa that overlooked the Pacific Ocean.

That Malibu place came off as a beach getaway for the Super Bowl 45 Most Valuable Player. Now, his reported Montclair residence looks like a getaway from the big city life of New York City as Rodgers transitions to the Jets.

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