Jeff Pearlman disowns his Brett Favre bio in wake of welfare scandal

In light of Brett Favre’s recent welfare scandal being exposed, award-winning author Jeff Pearlman has disowned his biography on the Hall of Fame quarterback. 

Sports Illustrated released a story Tuesday night regarding Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre’s involvement in a welfare scandal.

Late Tuesday night, award-winning author Jeff Pearlman, who wrote a biography on Favre, publicly disowned his book in a lengthy Twitter statement.

It takes a lot for an author to come out and tell the public to no longer read his book or leave it alone. At the same time, while he loves to highlight greatness, Pearlman is very straightforward in his work and will call it as he sees it, including this latest incident by Favre. By the optics of this, Favre looks more and more disgraceful as details emerge, starting with stealing money from folks in Mississippi and using it for his daughter’s volleyball arena, of all things. Pathetic.

Jeff Pearlman disowned Brett Favre biography after quarterback’s recent welfare scandal

Jeff Pearlman wasn’t soft in his critique of Brett Favre. He let it all out. That deserves credit and respect because not many would be willing to come forward and say they were wrong due to potential repercussions, such as money made from the book. But Pearlman is not like that. He is honest and forthcoming.

The same can’t be said for Favre. The details of the situation look more grotesque as they come to light publicly. Also, can we please give some love to Nick Selbe, who wrote this story for Sports Illustrated, and Anna Wolfe of Mississippi Today? Not every story regarding a football player is a glowing review. Moreover, as you dig deeper into Selbe’s story, you find yourself becoming more flabbergasted by the blatant corruption in Mississippi’s government.

The work that was done by Favre and former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant in consort with nonprofit founder Nancy New is what Selbe reports as the largest public fraud case in the state’s history. The text messages are bad enough, as Wolfe reported and as Anthony Antoine of NBC12 in Richmond, Virginia, highlighted.

What comes of this remains to be seen, but right now, it looks like Brett Favre is in deeper trouble than he has ever faced in his career. Meanwhile, he lost a supporter in Jeff Pearlman, and that relationship will never be repaired, and for good reason.

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