Jason Peters’ Visit A Sign Of Just How Nervous The Dallas Cowboys Are About Tackle Situation

There’s apparently an uneasy feeling in Dallas about their tenuous offensive tackle situation. It’s an understandable reaction to a position of strength that has rapidly deteriorated, with former All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith suffering a fracture in his left knee, injuring his hamstring, and undergoing surgery.

That’s why the Cowboys are desperate enough to schedule a visit with nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters, according to a league source.

The Cowboys could use an experienced blocker like Peters, but he’s 40 years old. Obviously, Dallas is in something of an emergency situation.

The former Philadelphia Eagles starter played last season for the Chicago Bears and acquitted himself well. No deal is imminent, per a league source, but there is mutual interest in potentially working something out.

For now, first-round draft pick Tyler Smith is the frontrunner to start at left tackle in place of Tyron Smith against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a Sept. 11 season opener.

Making matters worse: Tyler Smith is coming off an ankle injury. Nevertheless, during his radio show, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that Smith is expected to start against Tampa Bay. The backups are rookie Matt Waletzko and Josh Ball.

“We feel good about where we’re going and what our situation looks like,” Cowboys Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones said on his radio show. “I say it always, we’re always looking to upgrade our roster, and certainly we’ll look to continue to make ourselves better.

“Certainly, the offensive line is one where we aren’t necessarily loaded with depth there, but something that we’ll continue to look at as things come to fruition over the next two or three days as teams are going to expose a lot of players (to waivers). We’ll look at that, and we’ll look at the veterans that are out there and see if we need to beef up right there.”

Tyron Smith’s injuries will likely hold him out until at least December. Peters has been waiting for the right opportunity, and the Cowboys could be a prime chance for him to suit up for a playoff team after wallowing in Chicago last season.

Peters knows the NFC East landscape. He played 12 seasons for the Eagles after being traded from the Bills. Peters makes sense for the Cowboys, but they would be better off if Tyler Smith establishes himself as the guy.

Either way, it’s not a great situation to be in because the significance of losing Tyron Smith can’t be overstated.

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