Jalen Hurts had awesome tweet after dominating Vikings on MNF

Jalen Hurts perfectly summed up the Philadelphia Eagles’ beatdown of the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.

As expected, Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles outperformed Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football in Week 2.

Primetime Kirk Cousins is a real thing, people, as nobody looks worse on Monday Night Football than ole Cap’n Kirk. The truth hurts but this is the reality for the Vikings starting quarterback. As for Philadelphia, they no longer have to Wentz when it comes to their man under center. Hurts gave Skol Nation a Hertz donut in primetime, really using his knuckles on the noogie this time…

Who knew the Eagles quarterback was this punny? He is cracking all of us up on Tuesday morning!

Jalen Hurts is punny after Eagles sank Vikings ship on Monday Night Football

Yes, it was only Week 2, but some things are very obvious in the NFC through two weeks. Even though the New York Giants are also 2-0, the Eagles look to be the class of the weak NFC East. This is Brian Daboll’s first year on the job. The Dallas Cowboys face a ton of pressure and have to win without Dak Prescott. And the Washington Commanders are … the Washington Commanders.

As far as the NFC North is concerned, it is dead even in division. Everybody has won a game and everybody has lost a game. Minnesota does have a home win over the Green Bay Packers, but that divisional race is a long way from being over. Not to say the Chicago Bears will be the least bit good this season, but look for the Detroit Lions to at least make it an interesting three-team race.

Overall, everybody who isn’t a Vikings fan knew this was going to be the result we would see out of Cousins in primetime. Three picks on the road will do that to you, resulting in a 24-7 blowout defeat. Regardless, everybody seems to be completely bought in on Nick Sirianni as an emerging star head coach. If only his former boss Frank Reich had a clue on how to win in Jacksonville…

When you look at Hurts’ tweet, all anyone can see is his zone-reading his way to glorious pay dirt.

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