It’s Aaron Rodgers’ world and the rest of the Packers are just failing in it

Aaron Rodgers has never been one to accept accountability for failure, and it continued to manifest itself in his latest radio appearance. 

Honestly speaking, is Aaron Rodgers ever going to accept accountability, or do we live in a world where he can do no wrong?

In his latest appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers talked about the loss to Minnesota in Week 1 and made comments that come across as throwing everyone except himself under the bus.

Okay, drops happen. Sure, it’s the first game of the season. But what about Rodgers’ play? He didn’t exactly drop jaws, so to speak. Rodgers completed 22/34 for 195 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. It’s also important to note that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson nearly had as many receiving yards as Rodgers’ passing yards, 184 to 195. How can he explain that without critiquing himself?

Aaron Rodgers will never accept accountability for his poor play but will always call others out for their mistakes

Week 1 was not a good week for the Green Bay Packers. Minnesota looked like a team far and above Green Bay, which isn’t exactly true. However, the Packers could have at least shown more, starting with Aaron Rodgers. He got his money this offseason, and he is the face of the franchise. It’s on his shoulders to be the leader of the team.

Instead, Rodgers’ face said it all when Christian Watson dropped what would have been a 75-yard touchdown. Then, he sat on the sideline and added some more.

Davante Adams is no longer there, so this is what he has to work with. Unfortunately, he does not want to accept any accountability, and that’s where the frustration lies within the organization. After two consecutive years of being the top seed in the conference and not making it to the Super Bowl, it is fair to say the folks in Wisconsin are growing thin on patience. When Rodgers said “we had a lot of chances” after another NFC Championship loss in 2021, he was really talking about everyone else.

NFL reporter Matt Lombardo reported last year that an ex-NFL general manager echoed the above sentiments with the following statement:

“The guy’s selfish. Teammates don’t like him. Coaches don’t like him. It’s all about Aaron.

They all deal with him, because he’s a superstar. He helps guys make money and put food on the table for their kids, and people respect him for that.”

Immediately after the game, everyone already knew Rodgers was going to say some version of what he said to Pat McAfee.

Thankfully for Rodgers, he has the Chicago Bears coming into town next week on Sunday Night. After all, he has “owned” them. But if the Bears come out and shock him and the world and pull off an upset, there could be some furious fans looking at Rodgers after an 0-2 start. That would not be something to enjoy, not that he would take accountability afterward. He’ll probably push it onto someone else.

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