Isiah Pacheco’s Super Bowl performance just got even more impressive

Isiah Pacheco made his mark in his rookie season, capping it off with a solid Super Bowl performance. New details should make fans appreciate it even more.

In 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs proved that, though they are a talented team driven by familiar veterans, they can continue to add youthful talent that contributes in meaningful ways to the propagation of their dynastic success.

In 2023, it was Skyy More and Isiah Pacheco, both of whom scored touchdowns in the Super Bowl win over the Eagles. A rookie hadn’t scored a touchdown in the big game since Sony Michel four seasons ago, and only eight rookies had scored Super Bowl touchdowns since the 2000 season prior to Moore and Pacheco.

Moore was used just once, having a pass thrown his way for a four-yard touchdown. Pacheco, on the other hand, was a legit part of the game plan for the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57. He received 15 carries and put up 76 yards and a touchdown.

That’s impressive by itself, but the latest information on the performance makes it even more appreciable.

Isiah Pacheco was injured for Super Bowl 57

Kristian Dyer of Rutgers Wire reported that Pacheco’s performance in Super Bowl 57 came with a broken hand and torn labrum, which makes it all the more impressive.

The broken bone came during the AFC title game two weeks earlier and had surgery to repair it a week after the season ended.

Pacheco is off to a solid start in KC, and has gained the respect and adoration of his hometown folk, as they threw him a personal Super Bowl parade in New Jersey just a few weeks ago.

His late-season injuries are a microcosm of the position as a whole. Running backs don’t last long in the NFL because it’s a brutal position that tends to get bullied week in and week out. They don’t receive any of the protections that quarterbacks these days get and are asked to throw their bodies into scrum piles.

If Pacheco can play through that kind of pain, though, maybe he’ll last a bit longer than the average RB.

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