Imminent Matt Rhule firing has Nebraska and every college football team looking for new head coach on notice

Matt Rhule is going to be fired sooner or later, per a new report, so Nebraska, ASU and other college football programs should prepare their pitch.

Matt Rhule is the latest in a line of successful college football head coach to fail in the NFL.

The Panthers coach is 1-4 this season. He has a 28.9 win percentage in the pros. And he’s going to be fired.

That’s according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who reported that it’s a matter of when not if for Rhule being fired.

Auburn, Nebraska, ASU and others should be ready for Matt Rhule to be fired

The timing may be unknown at this point, but matters for Rhule, the Panthers and whatever college football programs are sure to target him.

Florio put it this way:

“Here’s a reason to do it sooner than later. If Rhule lands a job in the coming NCAA hiring cycle, the Panthers would get a dollar-for-dollar credit as to any remaining buyout. If Tepper keeps Rhule until after the season, the college jobs might be filled.”

Jobs like Nebraska and ASU are already open. It certainly feels like Auburn will open up soon enough. Rhule’s success at the college level should have all of those teams paying close attention to his status in Carolina.

Rhule rebuilt a Baylor program reeling from the Art Briles scandal. He went 1-11 in his debut season. Two years later the Bears were 11-3 and playing in the Sugar Bowl.

Before Baylor, Rhule also dragged Temple from the depths to achieve two 10-win seasons in 2015 and 2016.

Sure, Rhule couldn’t work his rebuilding magic with the Panthers. However, his experience at Temple and Baylor feels extremely relevant for the likes of Nebraska and ASU, two programs in need of ground-up renovations.

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