‘I Just Go Get On Madden’ — Does Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Really Not Watch Film?

HOUSTON — Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is one of the best athletes, regardless of sport, on the planet.

And to hear him tell it, he has the habits of an uninterested high school backup. His quotes after the Dolphins’ joint practice with the Houston Texans Thursday were too good to be true.

But could they actually be real?

Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill’s Unbelievable Claims

Hill, the No. 9 player on Pro Football Network’s Top 100 list, claims that he has put together a career already worthy of Hall of Fame consideration by doing basically everything pro athletes are told not to do.

But don’t take our word for it. Let Hill tell you himself, in his own words:

“Believe this or not, I don’t watch no film. I just know the game of football inside out. I’ve been playing this game since I was a kid, since I was like, five, six, and I grew up in a football household. Plus, my dad was a coach.

“So I know every defense. I know every defensive line, what they doing. I know everything. The safety is going to tell the story. I know all of it. And when I first came into the league, obviously, I was athletic.

“Obviously I had the ability to make plays. But the next step is being able to recognize coverages, being able to understand the DB’s leverage and what certain releases you need to use. So I’ve been all about that and I’m getting the young guys on that too, though. Whether it’s [Jaylen] Waddle, whether it’s other guys in our room.”

So yes, Hill insists he’s caught 598 passes in his career for 8,340 yards and 63 touchdowns purely on instinct and feel for the game.

That’s literally unbelievable.

Which is why we weren’t particularly sure if he was yanking our chain Thursday.

But if it was just a bit, Hill committed to it thoroughly. He told reporters that he prepared for the Texans this week by playing video games.

“So Madden has a good tell of how good players are,” Hill said. “So, I just played Madden the night before and I go look at all the ratings. So let’s say for instance, they had Steve Nelson and Derek Stingley over there. Two phenomenal players by the way. I just go get on Madden, I go to the EA rosters then I scroll down and see what their awareness is, their speed he is and their strength, and that’s how I get a good tell on them.”

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