How Deuce Vaughn pick affects Ezekiel Elliott return

The Dallas Cowboys drafting Deuce Vaughn may not stop Jerry Jones from bringing back Ezekiel Elliott after all.

Somebody has to feed Zeke, so it might as well be the Dallas Cowboys, amirite?

Ezekiel Elliott had a good run being the featured running back for America’s Team, but that sadly is no more. He was released shortly before NFL free agency began. Once his former backup Tony Pollard got slapped with the franchise tag, that was all she wrote for Zeke in Big D … or so we thought?

Despite taking one of his scout’s sons in Deuce Vaughn in the 2023 NFL Draft out of Kansas State, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not ready to close the book on Elliott because … of course, he is not.

We should rename podiums across the world after him because Jones loves to hear himself talk.

Is there any validity to what Jones said about a possible Elliott return or is he off his rocker again?

Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones says Ezekiel Elliott return could potentially happen

There are a few things at play here that lead me to believe an Elliott return to Dallas is not out of the realm of possibility. One, Jones is the owner, so anything and everything could happen. Two, Vaughn may be more of a gadget player in year one out of K-State. Three, Elliott has yet to sign with the Cincinnati Bengals. And four, who is going to pass protect, while thriving in short yardage?

So if Elliott were to take some incredibly team-friendly deal that is chock full of incentives, he could conceivably return to the Cowboys for another year or so. He may be past his prime and pushing 30, but Elliott still has a few high-quality seasons left in the tank. And even if he does not and is more washed than Denver Broncos Russell Wilson, then let’s see this play out in real time.

Overall, Elliott is great for the game because he is one-of-one and makes the NFL more interesting by being part of it. He may not ever see a bronze bust in his likeness in Canton, but he can help the Cowboys do something he probably has never seen before, which is to get to the holy NFC Championship game. If Dallas is a final four team by reaching the Super Bowl, the world ends.

The fact we are 100 percent living in a simulation leads me to believe the modem has to be reset.

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