Here’s why everyone is freaking out about Patrick Mahomes on Twitter

For casual viewers who want to know why people tweet about Patrick Mahomes on the day of Kansas City Chiefs games, here is why.

The 2022 NFL season has begun, which means that weekends will be dominated with football games. It is the opportunity to watch some of the top athletes in the game compete for glory.

For those who do not watch football religiously or not at all, you probably see the name Patrick Mahomes trending when scrolling Twitter. Mahomes is the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs a former NFL MVP, and a Super Bowl 54 champion. Besides that, he has the ability to make some insane and absurd plays on a football field.

Let’s take a look at some plays that have caused Mahomes to trend on social media.

Patrick Mahomes’ insane touchdown pass in Week 4 vs. Buccaneers

In Week 4, the Chiefs returned to Tampa Bay to face the Buccaneers. This was the very location where Kansas City lost 31-9 in Super Bowl 55. You think Mahomes had some extra motivation entering the game?

Well in the second quarter, on a second-and-goal situation, Mahomes rolled to the right and appeared to be heading into a tackle by Buccaneers linebacker Devin White. Instead, Mahomes hit a spin move to avoid White, noticed the line of scrimmage, stopped, and flicked a pass to running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the back of the end zone to extend Kansas City’s lead to 21-3.

We explained the play in words, but let the video show you just how amazing it truly was.

Here are some of the reactions on social media from this touchdown pass, including from Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Somehow, some way, Mahomes finds a way to top himself and come up with a brand new, innovative play. When the Chiefs are on television and Mahomes is playing, we recommend you watch that game.

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